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Besides the music related best of lists, there are probably a lot of other things we all may have kept a running list of rankings for throughout the year.

I know that I kept a list for books and movies, as well as concerts.

I'm not done with books or movies just yet but since I saw just four concerts this year, I can start the thread off with that list.

I should point out that all four concerts were excellent and the rankings come down more to the significance of the shows rather than any particular sort of better than or worse than decision.

#4 - Flight of Fire - They are a local unsigned group out of Boston that I saw open for Lita Ford last year. They came back to my area for a show about 20 minutes from my house. Because they were playing at a local bowling alley, they played three sets on the night with their original songs as well as a host of covers. But I really like the band and they did justice to pretty much ever cover they played.

#3 Iron Maiden - Given how I thought this was an incredible show, it may seem surprising that I have it at the third spot. You can read my full review of the show HERE. But remember, this is by significance to me that I am ranking the shows. And the two shows that rank higher were so very important to me due to them being not only incredible shows but the long wait to see the artists for the first time ever AND living up to all my expectations and more.

#2 - Doro Pesch - Thirty years of missing out on seeing her perform live and then not only getting to see her perform the entire Warlock album Triumph and Agony, but to witness for myself just how amazingly energetic she is made this a night to remember for sure. Oh, and getting my CD booklet signed was awesome too! My review can be read HERE.

#1 - Beth Hart - Let me just say that this was a concert that simply blew my mind, even as hyped up as I had made it in my mind. This was just one of those unforgettable moments of a lifetime. PERIOD. You can read my review HERE!

(Photo Credit: Art Tipaldi, Editor, Blues Music Magazine)

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My first Best Of list of 2017:

Best Of 2017 NMC Posts That RJ is still interested in:

5...Heaven & Earth - Hard To Kill (posted by Jon)

4...Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band - Lay It On Down (posted by Scott)

3...Michael McDonald - Wide Open (posted by Scott)

2...Amplifier - Trippin' With Dr. Faustus (posted by Jon)

1...Alice Cooper - Paranormal (posted by Scott)

Sorry Yngve, but I promise to keep listening to your posts, I'm positive something will click!

Best movies 2017 (I'm a classic comicbook-freak, and it shows)

1. Thor: Ragnarok

2. Wonder Woman

3. Logan

4. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.

5. It

Best TV-series:

1. Godless

2. Game of Thrones VII

3. Taboo

4. Fargo III

5. Stranger Things II

My movie list will be a bit different from yours.

Oh, man Godless is sooooo good. The best western-anything since the spaghetti westerns, of course. For me it was better than Westworld and I liked that one too. I doubt it will beat GOT for me, since I haven't seen the new series, yet. Stranger Things was also good, and I'll start watching Fargo pretty soon from the beginning. The only thing I don't know from your list is Taboo.

Some of the movies from your list I haven't seen yet, but there is a good chance those five would be my five as well, with only difference being the order, maybe.

The only movie that might wedge itself in the list is the one I haven't seen and probably won't see it until it gets a DVD release. Hopefully next year. It's called: "The Whisky Robber".

Imo, any series or movie starring Tom Hardy is worth checking out (Taboo).

Yes, it was great at last having a great Western-series. GOT was a very close second for me, perhaps it should had been at the top, but it's some time ago, I saw it, and Godless I saw a few weeks ago, so there.

If you haven't seen Fargo yet, you're in for a treat, especially the first 2 seasons.

I was actually a bit dissapointed in second season of Stranger Things. I had expected more. Season 1 is the better one for me.

I kind of regret doing a Top 5 over movies, because looking at the list, it could had been so much better. None of these movies are among the quality of for example The Revenant, which I think was at the top of my list last year?

It's just, that IF I've seen better movies than those on my list, I've forgotten about it.

And these days, I usually only go to the Cinema if it's a Marvel or DC-comic-movie.

Thor Ragnarok was funny, but not as good as Captain America 2. 

Wonder Woman is probably the best DC-movie yet in recent years, but that doesn't say much does it?!

Logan was okay, but not as good as X-Men II.

GOTG II was not as good as GOTG I, but still rather funny.

IT was just better, than I'd expected, but I did NOT expect much.

Biggest dissapointments 2017.

5. I can't help but think, that Steven Wilson's To The Bone-album is a dissapointment. I had expected more. A new Steven Wilson-album not in my Top 3 of albums is not normal.

4. Twin Peaks-TV series season 3. I didn't really know, what to expect, but what I got was a complete waste of my time. I'm sure some see this as pure genius. Not me!

3. Big Wreck's newest album should had been 2017's first good album, but it's a complete bore. I'm not holding my breath for a new album, that's any good. I've lost faith in that band.

2. Iron Fist-TV series: I was a biiig fan of the comicbook Iron Fist back in 1976-1977, and I was thrilled, when I read, that Netflix was producing a series, especially after 2 very good Daredevil Netflix-series. What a let down!!! The actor playing Fist is absolutely lousy, and the story and "special effects" are lousy as well. I don't think, I will sit through a second season (which I kind of did, seeing The Defenders season 1. Could also had been on this list)

1. Justice League the movie. 2 different directors made a complete mess of this movie. The actor playing Superman apparently had a mustache, which was digitally removed, only it looked really, really bad. The special-effects was at times sooo bad, just like the villain. And the actor playing The Flash was definitely in the wrong movie. I waited most of the year for this movie, and I got this piece of crap.

Despite its flaws, I actually liked Justice League.

I loved Wilson's "departure"... Will top my album list this year.

Haven't seen Twin Peaks, yet. Would like to.

Same here about the Iron Fist. I'm not sure which comic books are you talking about, but the Black & White Magazines, drawn by Rudy Nebres were my favorite comic books. And yes, I was too disappointed by the series. Complete rubbish. Won't waste my time on second season, either. Defenders were bad too. The only connecting series I might give a second chance is, Luke Cage.

I'll wait for Justice League to come to netflix. I can't stand Ben Affleck, so my expectations aren't high.

For me, the very best, or the only Iron Fist comicsbooks I read 40 years ago, and still do occaisonally, was from Marvel Premiere #15 from 1974 (translated to danish in late 1975), artist Gil Kane and till Iron Fist #15 from 1977, artist John Byrne. Those stories wee also black and white in the danish magazine Kung Fu Magazine, where other stories included was Master Of Kung Fu: Shang Chi where my favorite artist was/is Paul Gulacy.

If you like me like/love comic-books, further information is that my absolute favorite artists are Gene Colan and his run on The Tomb Of Dracula, and Mike Ploog's awesome takes on Werewolf By Night, Ghostrider and especially Frankenstein.

But also Big John Buscema's run on Fantastic Four are imo some way better than even Jack Kirby's run on that series. And the only great spiderman-artist is John Romita snr.

Whereas in DC, I'm especially a fan of Curt Swan's Superman-stories from the early 70's.

The new Netflix Punisher-series is actually not bad. Imo much better than Luke Cage.

I took a look back at the 33 articles I wrote for the Cassette Chronicles series on Limelight My picks for my favorite 10 (+1) can be see HERE!


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