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You can check out my review of the Place Vendome album Close To The Sun via this link.

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You are right about the best 2 tracks on the CD, but even they are far cries from great.

I can't believe Kiske stayed away from Metal music for so long after he left Helloween and now he is associated with this, by the numbers, project. I doubt anyone would care for the CD if it wasn't for him (and his guitar buddy).

I see you made a bold choice going bellow the rating 4. (No doubt on my previous remark.) But you are still too generous, at least in this review.

I don't see it as being generous. I rate according to my own personal scale and that's where the CD rated.

I don't give points for effort.

Thanks for reading.

Always enjoy your reviews, but I think I have to side with Scott on this type of release.  It just doesn't hold any interest for me.  Most of these things are just too sterile, though there is an occasional stunner.

Not a problem, I review and write you read and if you decide to buy, all the better. If not, there's always a new review coming up.


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