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April has arrived and it's once again time to nominate artists for induction into the Classic Rock Bottom Hall of Fame.  We do this each year and 2018 will be the 8th class we have inducted.  All of the veterans are familiar with how this works, but for the sake of rookies, here are the directions.

Please compose a list of 10 artists (bands or solo artists) that you feel deserve to be in the CRB Hall of Fame. I will include the list of artists that are already in the CRB HOF below so you don't waste any nominations.  Please pay attention to the list.  Once you have your list of ten together, please order it from 1 to 10, with 1 being the artist you most want to see in to 10 being the artist you'd least like to see in.  I really need you to assign this value.  I will use these rankings to bring together a list of ten formal nominees. Then I will send out the official nominee list for you to vote on as well, and that's how we will determine who makes it in this year.  

We will also induct one artist as a "Legend".  This Legend Award is open to artists who have passed away since the last induction (July of 2017).  I need you to make a list of three artists that you feel are deserving of the Legend Award, and order them from 1 to 3 as well, with 1 being the artist you'd most like to see win the award.  Results will be gathered, tallied and the official nominees will be voted on in the same way as the regular voting.  As a note, we have not inducted a Legend every year, thus we only have four Legends at this time.

Here are the artists that already reside in the world famous CRB Hall of Fame (I did my best to alphabetize the past inductees using the first letter for all entries excluding the word "the"):

AC/DC (2013)

Aerosmith (2015)

Alice Cooper (2015)

Allman Brothers Band (2017)

Bad Company (2016)

The Beatles (2011)

Black Sabbath (2011)

Bob Seger (2017)

Cheap Trick (2012)

Deep Purple (2012)

Def Leppard (2015)

The Doors (2014)

The Eagles (2015)

Electric Light Orchestra (2017) 

Fleetwood Mac (2016)

Foreigner (2016)

Heart (2013)

Iron Maiden (2013)

Jimi Hendrix (2014)

Journey (2016)

Judas Priest (2014)

Kiss (2012)

Led Zeppelin (2011)

Lynyrd Skynyrd (2013)

Pat Benatar (2017)

Pink Floyd (2014)

Queen (2012)

The Rolling Stones (2014)

Ronnie James Dio (2011)

Rush (2012)

Styx (2015)

Thin Lizzy (2013)

Van Halen (2011)

The Who (2011)

Yes (2017)

ZZ Top (2016)


Chuck Berry (2017 - Legend Award)

David Bowie (2016 - Legend Award)

Johnny Winter (2015 - Legend Award)

Ronnie Montrose (2012 - Legend Award)

Wow, that's an extensive list, but there are so many artists still deserving of being in.  The artist nomination process is open to all CRB members, Facebook page included.  I will post a copy of this in the forum section so that anyone here that is not on my friends list can still offer up their lists. I'll post a link to it on Facebook as well.  Please send your list to me in a reply to this message (do not hit reply all) so that I can keep you all in suspense.  That being said, I will count all votes posted in the forum as well as on Facebook.  

I can't wait to get all of your nominee lists in to see how this year's official nominee list shapes up. Deadline for submission of nominees is April 17th.  I'll get a final ballot out to everyone shortly after that.  Get your nominees in before time is out!

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Below is a partial list of artists that passed away since our last election:

Walter Becker - Steely Dan

Dave Hlubek - Molly Hatchet

Tom Petty

Fats Domino

Malcolm Young - AC/DC

David Cassidy - The Partridge Family

Pat DiNizio - The Smithereens

Ray Thomas - The Moody Blues

'Fast' Eddie Clarke - Motorhead/Fastway

Dolores O'Riordan - The Cranberries

Chris Tsangarides - Producer

Pat Torpey - Mr. Big

Craig MacGregor - Foghat

Mike Harrison  - Spooky Tooth

Two more days to get your nominee list in.


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