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You can check out my review of the Hell's Addiction EP V1.0 via this KNAC.COM link.

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Never heard of them.
I put great importance in "new" bands whose modus operandi is within the sound I liked in my youth. After all, they will be the ones to carry the torch when all these Legends retire. So I gave it a listen. I chose "Running Away" after what you wrote.

They play OK, but there is this unmistakable "corporate" sound of today's music (a requirement for airplay... I guess), that really ruins the experience for me. Maybe it's the label "Classic Rock" that don't mix well with what's hip in production these days. Or maybe I'm just an old fart who's accustomed to what it "should be"? I find it ironic that I'm OK with gimmicks and "new approaches" in Metal, but when it comes to Rock... not so much, even though I consider Metal to be my soothing pleasure.

Thanks for checking out the review even if you didn't find the music to your liking.

Music was good. It's the singing style, that put me off.

Felt like the band was brought up on all the great Classis Rock acts, while the singer only heard of Velvet Revolver.

Ah, okay. I gotcha now.


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