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     So far we covered many different genres of Rock in LTTP (even dabbled Pop once), but there was no real representation of Blues. Perhaps the main reason is that I don't have that many Blues CD's to begin with. I'd say our first encounter with Blues here in LTTP is about the correct ratio with other music I have.

     In my search of everything Jon Butcher was involved with, I came across this US band formed by him and another guitarist Ben Schultz (ex-KGB, but he's not the only one around here. You know who you are) plus Leland Sklar (the lost ZZ Top brother) on bass. Once I started listening to this CD, which was collecting dust on my later pile, I couldn't believe on what kind of lost gem I've been sitting. It left me speechless... So I'll stop writing right now to soak in the experience. So should you.

     BTW, in case you are wondering what happened to the band, for your convenience I did some research and it turns out they did release another album in 2005 simply titled 2. Of what little the internet offers, in terms of sampling, I think the first, self titled CD is the better starting point for the newcomers.

click on the cover to listen
BAREFOOT SERVANTS - Barefoot Servants

CD ℗ 1994

1. Jealous Man
2. Box Of Miracles
3. Love's Made A Fool
4. It Hurts Me Too
5. Foolish Behavior
6. Drinking Again
7. Whiskey Man
8. Red Handed
9. Fire And Gasoline
10. Better Off Dead
11. Blackbird
12. Muscle Car
13. Bound For Glory
14. Railroad Line Revisited

Finally getting around to listen to, (for the first time) some music I've been putting aside (for years). Including, things from the past I recently discovered, projects I previously had, but replaced with a newly remastered version, or those simple cases, were my last years order didn't arrive on time.

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The Blues, now were talking! And Finally some nice geetar work, not straight up hardcore blues but nice rhythms, cool slide work and some straight ahead rock and roll.  Singer sounds a bit like The Cult and some of the harder edged tracks also fit that descriptor as well.  

The back and forth geetar work on Blackbird is stellar.  The set wraps up with a very similar riff to Stevie Ray.  Not a lot of uniqueness here but real high quality straight ahead blues with some rock mixed in.  This was a fun listen, I may have to look into this.

I also think the Blackbird solos are the highlight of the album and it was recorded live (the only song on the CD) which makes it even more impressive.

The first song reminded me a bit of Ry Cooder. Not the sanging, but the geetar. I need to watch Crossroads again. No, not the one with Britney Spears. 

I don't think the singer sound like Ian Astbury? What in the blue hell is Scot thinking about? He does sound like someone else though, just can't put my finger on it.

I keep hunting for some jon Butcher Axis, but most of his stuff is OOP. I really want Wishes because the song Holy War rocks. Maybe one day.

This was pretty good, quote pleasurable. I was pleased.  

I remember going to Blockbuster and ordering the Crossroads on VHS and when it arrived it was a completely different movie. (Tried to find which one it was on IMDB, but I can't see it. It was something like Blue Lagoon) I was happy they didn't made me buy that VHS, since it was pricey ordering from Blockbuster. Eventually, I bought the right Crossroads when Amazon started (I think it was from them, in any case it was an online purchase) True to the two movie's title they should make a Crossover film where at the end Britney has to duel and outsing the Devil's singer to get her soul back, or Madonna's. (Whichever's in more peril)

I used to have JB's Axis first LP, but that got lost in my movings. I do have couple of his later Axis works on CD and on my last trip to Recordland (RJhog knows what I'm talking about) I picked up both Pictures From The Front and Wishes on CD, even though I already had Wishes on vinyl. Great releases. JB is not only an outstanding guitarist, he's lyrics are poetry. I might do a SpotLate on him down the road.

I have PFTF and might have Wishes on vinyl, but that means I would have to look.

I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

Those guys are good!



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