Classic Rock Bottom

Day 19
Dear Diary, 

     DING DING DING, and Scott did it again. Now that we are getting closer to the end of these Island parties, it's imperative that everyone puts on their most decorated thinking hat. However, by the looks of it, nobody is doing that. Well, you all get one more shot at this, but that's gonna be it. Better not waste your answers. Officially, Everyone Else is out of the race for the top position, but Jon and Scott can still fight it out. Oh yeah, Jon nailed the Pink Floyd clue, while Scott assigned another artist to the wrong category. Am I surprised? No. And this time he gets no points. Don't look right away, but there goes the standing: (*Edited points)
Jon Parties with 2450 pts
Scott is Future Shocked with 2001* pts, while
Everyone Else Bites The Bullet with 0 pts

     Global News... Have you heard about the latest craze? These days, the teenagers eat "Tide Pods". Yeah, the detergent kind. They say it looks good. First we had the millennials, now the iGeneration? People, the future is bright! Although, if you think about it, it wasn't much different back in the good old days, either. Whenever the kids would say something like: "f**k", "sh*t", "p*ss", "dick" (Sorry, "dick" does not count, Some Richard's wore that nickname with pride), the parents would wash their mouth, with a soap. Today, something like that would be considered a child abuse. But, not if they do it to themselves. So... Carry on.

     Island News... You remember that obnoxious pilot from my previous entry? Yeah? Well, I feel like I should say something nice about him. So, here it is. After he left the Island, I was accidentally playing with my CDs. And accidentally I turned the shiny side up, which further accidentally caught the reflection of the sun. That ray from the CDs surface accidentally blinded the pilot. Then he purposely nosedived to what once was a flourished jungle, (but not anymore), and he made his helicopter explode... purposely. Which purposely caused the fire that burnt the whole Island to the ground. As you can see, he purposely died. Nothing I could do about it. Amen. May he rest in pieces.

And now, here is some music to vehemently, lighten the mood.

click on the cover to hear the songs
PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here
(Or should I say: "Wish You Weren't Here". Goes to the pilot, that is)
Immersion Boxset ℗ 1975/2011

This albums main draw, the song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", is everything I hate about long Progressive tracks: namely the endless variations. With 9 parts you know that's true. However, it is also the prime example that there is always an exception to every rule. Beside one of the best saxophone solos in Rock music, every time I hear this song, I feel like I'm floating. Listening to the track blindfolded is an absolute must. The boxset also has the tunes in a multi channeled media. It's simply, breathtaking. The other 3 songs are frequently played on the Radio, as well. I know DSOTM is considered their biggest masterpiece, but for me it's "Wish You Were Here". Plus that instantly recognizable Hipgnosis cover is beyond awesome.

1. GILLAN - Future Shock
2. GILLAN - Nightride Out Of Phoenix
3. GILLAN - (The Ballad Of) The Lucitania Express
4. GILLAN - New Orleans
5. GILLAN - Bite The Bullet
6. GILLAN - If I Sing Softly
from "Future Shock" CD ℗ 1981/2000

For this one, Gillan put together one of the weirdest line-up in Hard Rock history. In theory it shouldn't have worked, but it did. Future Shock was a HUGE success back home.

7. QUEEN - Party
from "Miracle" CD ℗ 1989/1991

Queen is my favorite band, so it was hard to choose one above the other releases. Perhaps, because I listen to Miracle more than I do to the other CDs, or maybe because the opening track is also the perfect closer for my playlist, it is the one that is lingering on the Island.

INDEX (To keep track of things. Also, the clues for the next weeks selection are here. Do you know; What's Coming To You?)

500 pt - 1975 - PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here
300 pt - 1979 - STYX - Cornerstone
800 pt - 1981 - ZZ TOP - El Loco
200 pt - 1983 - ELO - Secret Messages
600 pt - 1984 - HOBO BLUES BAND - A Vadaszat
1000pt - 1985 - DIRE STRAITS - Brothers In Arms
100 pt - 1987 - FLEETWOOD MAC - Tango In The Night
400 pt - 1988 - STATUS QUO - Ain't Complaining

300 pt - 1973 - NAZARETH - Razamanaz
100 pt - 1975 - BIJELO DUGME - Sta Bi Dao Da Si Na Mom Mjestu
500 pt - 1981 - RAINBOW - Difficult To Cure
800 pt - 1982 - MAGNUM - Chase The Dragon
600 pt - 1983 - THIN LIZZY - Thunder & Lightning
200 pt - 1983 - KISS - Lick It Up
1000pt - 1983 - NIGHTWING - Stand Up And Be Counted
400 pt - 1989 - QUEEN - Miracle

200 pt - 1980 - RUSS BALLARD - Into The Fire
600 pt - 1983 - PRISM - Beat Street 
300 pt - 1987 - TRIUMPH - Surveillance
800 pt - 1987 - URGENT - Thinking Out Loud
100 pt - 1987 - ANDY TAYLOR - Thunder
500 pt - 1988 - DOMINOE - Keep In Touch
1000pt (Switzerland is in Europe. Or is it in Hungary? I'm not sure)
400 pt - 1990 - LAOS - We Want It

400 pt - 1984 - VAN HALEN - 1984
100 pt - 1984 - BON JOVI - Bon Jovi 
800 pt - 1984 - SCORPIONS - Love At First Sting
200 pt - 1987 - WHITESNAKE - Whitesnake (1987)
300 pt (The bands biggest mania is to misppel their name)
1000pt - 1988 - EDDA - Valtozo Idok
500 pt - 1992 - DAMN YANKEES - Don't Tread
600 pt - 1992 - COZY POWELL - Drums Are Back

300 pt - 1980 - JUDAS PRIEST - British Steel
400 pt - 1980 - BLACK SABBATH - Heaven & Hell
800 pt - 1981 - ACCEPT - Breaker
200 pt - 1981 - GIRLSCHOOL - Hit & Run
500 pt - 1981 - SAXON - Denim & Leather
600 pt - 1981 - GORDI - Pakleni Trio
100 pt - 1982 - IRON MAIDEN - Number Of The Beast
1000pt - 1988 - CACOPHONY - Go Off!

300 pt - 1975 - ALICE COOPER - Welcome To My Nightmare
1000pt - 1981 - GILLAN - Future Shock
800 pt - 1983 - DIO - Holy Diver
100 pt - 1985 - REVESZ SANDOR - Revesz Sandor 
600 pt - 1990 - KEN TAMPLIN & FRIENDS - An Axe To Grind
500 pt - 1993 - DORO - Angels Never Die
400 pt - 1993 - VINCE NEIL - Exposed
200 pt - 1994 - BRUCE DICKINSON - Balls To Picasso

100 pt - 1980 - MSG - Michael Schenker Group
300 pt - 1985 - JEFF BECK - Flash
400 pt - 1987 - GARY MOORE - Wild Frontier
800 pt - 1989 - JON BUTCHER - Pictures From The Front
200 pt - 1990 - LITA FORD - Stiletto
600 pt - 1992 - JOHN NORUM - Face The Truth
1000pt - 1992 - MARTY FRIEDMAN - Scenes
500 pt - 1994 - YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - The Seventh Sign

1000pt (Pop clue - It could be Abba in Spanish, but I honestly doubt it's Spanish)
500 pt - 1982 - DR. FEELGOOD - Fast Women & Slow Horses
600 pt - 1991 - MARK WOOD - Voodoo Violince
800 pt - 1996 - ARS NOVA - Goddess Of Darkness

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So part of this is guessing wether you consider Queen Rock or Hard Rock?  I say their just plain Rock...

and I want my points!  This is further evidence of collusion with Jon...  

You know what...

You caught me in the good mood. Even though I don't get your reasoning how the clues in ROCK pointed to Queen, and regardless to what category Queen falls in (BTW, THIS album, Miracle, sounds to me more like Hard Rock than Rock) I will give you half the points, because You still didn't guess the correct title of the album.

So there. Let's see how far this gonna take you?


Now it feels like a PAAAARTY!

You mean collusion like getting points even though you were wrong about Iron Maiden? That kind of collusion?

I own exactly zero Gillan solo albums, that's also the same percent of chance I had at guessing this category!  I like what I'm hearing though it sounds very close to Blackmore-less Purple.  Also, he could use some help in selecting hs album cover art!  Wow!  I am glad he found success somewhere, but this is the first time I've ever seen or heard of this album so I'm guessing that success was not in the US?  I like what I'm hearing especially whoever that keyboard player is, he's brilliant!  Besides the obvious problems with the album cover, why shouldn't this have worked?

And yes Queen...  Hard Rock Queen I might add!  I'll concede your point if one were to consider only one album at a time.  But by that logic we could also put them in Pop and Disco categories depending on your selection.  I considered the whole body of albums in my logic and there are some song titles and lyrics on the Works album that could have fit your clue.  I leave it there as your were gracious enough to award me half!

Onto my guesses which are always 100% well thought out, logical, orderly and categorically correct ...  always!

  • AOR:  Europe - Out of this World
  • MELDOIC ROCK: Def Leppard - Pyromania
  • +BONUS: Menudo

The Island Party was always about the album. That is why I tried to place them in corresponding categories, but there is a chance something should have been here rather than there.

Future Shock is the highest charting album by Gillan. #2 in UK. As for why the line up shouldn't work, because it was made of little known or unknown musicians. If you consider that Coverdale, Blackmore got big names and colleagues from Deep Purple, Gillan went the other way.

The keyboardist was Colin Towns, (unknown to me at the time, but he played with Gillan previously) And yes, he is really good. After he left Gillan, he started to work on Soundtracks. Now he's into Jazz. Oh, almost forgott, he also played on the biggest Spanish Heavy Metal album (Volumen Brutal by BARON ROJO) They gained an international recognition with that album. (But of course, not in USA, so I doubt you know about it).

John McCoy was the bassist, from a third rate Metal act, Mammoth. Although, he is a great producer. Especially around the time Future Shock came out.

Mick Underwood played drums. Now, with the age of instant information, I know he had a respectable career, but at that time he was completely unknown to me.

And the biggest surprise was Bernie Tormé. I knew he was a Punk guitarist. I just couldn't imagine him playing with Gillan who previously worked with Blackmore. Oddly enough, he gained my respect and I have few of his solo albums too.

Yes, the cover is done by some young artist. The anatomy is bad. He did a better job with the back side of the gatefold. Look it up. Not exactly SFW.

Let's see.......

Not Europe. They're Swedish. 

Yes, Def Leppard. Sadly, it's the awful Hysteria.

ABBA in Spanish is ABBA, so it's ABBA.

If Queen are in the Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal, than they are considered hard rock at the very least. Sure they dabbled in other forms, but so have a lot of hard rock/metal bands. Basically, what does Scott REALLY know? NOTHING.  

I have a Gillan album. Gillan's Inn, I believe. Might be a greatest hits or something like that. I could check, but what's the point? This is a decent album, I'll give it that.

Not a bad Future Shock there by

Whatever, lol!



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