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I got this radical idea. Why don't we do a Valentine's Day Special? I wonder how did that pop into my big head? It's like I'm forgetting something. Almost like I'm picking up signals from another head. Oh, well. And who's better to provide a romantic music we all crave on THE day, than the band called, Sweetheart? So, remember to play these Boys, while you'll be plucking off those blood red petals from the roses you bought for your significant other and start littering the floor with bows facing the ceiling all the way from downstairs to your master bedroom, to help you Get Lucky. Eh, Lover?

And don't forget to fill a silver urn with smoldering, dry ice ahead of time, to chill that $10,025.99 bottle of champagne you purchased cashing out your children's college fund. It's all in the details, buddy. Trust me. I know what I'm talking about. Right now, I'm just getting prepared for the mushy day, but you know what I'd be doing in a week or two... When the Valentine's Day, finally arrives. ;-) ;-)

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2. STREETHEART - Pressure
4. STREETHEART - Streetwalker
from "Meanwhile Back In Paris" CD ℗ 1978/2001

6. STREETHEART - Hollywood
7. STREETHEART - Main Street
8. STREETHEART - Dreaded Dotted Line
9. STREETHEART - Here Comes The Night
from "Under Heaven Over Hell" CD ℗ 1979/2001

10. STREETHEART - Dancing With Danger
11. STREETHEART - Underground
12. STREETHEART - Night Writer
13. STREETHEART - Have It Your Way
from "Dancing With Danger" CD ℗ 1983/2012

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Sweetheart / Streetheart ... whatever they are they have a heart. 

That first track has a real strong Loverboy vibe (see Turn Me Loose) so with the riff on Pressure also being a very Loverboy-ish riff and sound so I got curious and went out to old reliable - Wikipedia - and sure enough, Paul Dean and Matt Frenette play on this first album.  Not sure what to expect from the next two albums because Wiki doesn't tell me when they left the band and started Loverboy but I suspect from the album release dates this was a one and done for them...The songs are good and very interesting, nothing rises to greatness so I have to wonder if there was a chemistry issue because the songs certainly improved with the next band.  Interesting post!

Second set...  Under Heaven or Hell...  And *poof* the Loverboy sound is gone as suspected.  Still its nice pop-rock but not a lot substance.  Here Comes The Night stands out in this set as the best track.



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