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     Never heard anything from Antonius Rex. (apparently it's a post Jacula band, not that I know who they are either) All I know, it's a Progressive Rock album, since I bought it from a shop that specializes in the genre, but other than that I'm in for a new experience.


CD ℗ 1978/1994

Progressive Horror Rock

Note: Link to the album

1. The Gnome could be from the beginning of a 70's Horror slasher, to build the terror and anticipation.

2. Necromancer made me laugh. It starts with spoken words in... Italian, (I heard gals dig these things), but then it turns into a chanting at the altar of sacrifices, with eerie vocals and nerve agitating music. So if the say person was wet at the beginning of the song, she will most definitely be soaked at the end, just not for the same reason.

3. Spiritualist Seance repeats the formula from the previous song, but puts the pedal on the weirdness with creepy, coffin closing effects and escalating mellotron passages before it summons the haunting flute snippet.

4. Zora The title track is the least scary song on the CD that I would've probably enjoyed more if the playing was tighter and focused.

5. Moret Al Potere would nicely end that badly edited 70's Horror film, evoked by the the first track.

Finally getting around to listen to, (for the first time) some music I've been putting aside (for years). Including, things from the past I recently discovered, projects I previously had, but replaced with a newly remastered version, or those simple cases, were my last years order didn't arrive on time.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these articles come from the authors heart and personal taste which may not necessarily reflect the common sense or the popular sentiment of those who farm music through the path of least resistance i.e. from ears, straight to the brain.

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Jons going to love this!!!  But he may be offended by the album cover, he is a bit sensitive ...

For me?  I read the word progressive and I jumped in... but...  I didnt get it, seems a bit evil?  Another plus for Jon!!!  Also heavy on the atmospheric components and keyboards, and light on the progressive/guitar work (at least for most of the albums first 2/3rds) - though there was an acoustic moment that was quite nice but too brief, but then again, those moments could've been meant for evil, who knows?!

Another surprise post of something I would've went through life never knowing about until now! 

Nekkid woman on album cover? Disgusting!

This was......interesting. Felt like I was in a church for a bit (and yes, I did feel like I was burning alive), then felt like I was listening to a soundtrack from an 80's Italian horror movie, then felt like I was listening to ELP. It did really kick in the last 6 minutes or so with plentiful geetar. Nice death scream at the end. So nice it made me chuckle.

Hey, this would be great for Halloween!!! 


I think they had to compensate somehow for the lack of skin on the other characters.

But no... This would be terrible for a Halloween... costume.

I know what you're thinking, just... Don't do it!


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