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59 Lizzy's Late To The Heep Deep Party was suppose to be the title of this weeks feature, predictably spotlighting solo projects from bass players who can also sing. It should have been: Phil Lynott, John Wetton and Glenn Hughes, to be exact, as a follow up to last weeks solo projects by singing drummers. However, a quick research of the CRB archives yielded not only tons of posts relating to these 3 legendary bass players, but also a voting of some sort on the exact same matter, a while back.

Therefore, I had to come up with Plan B. And what is a Plan B, if not a B List celebassists? Ooooh yeah! Around the world, because you never asked otherwise.

Peter "Peavy" Wagner

tap the cover to hear a resonance
1. RAGE - Neurotic (NSFW)
2. RAGE - Don't Fear The Winter
from "Perfect Man" CD ℗ 1988
3. RAGE - Shame On You
from "Trapped!" CD ℗ 1992
4. RAGE - The Pit & The Pendulum
from "The Missing Link" CD ℗ 1993
Country of Origin: Germany
File under: Heavy Metal

Avenger was formed in 1984 by bassist/singer Peter Wagner. Not to be confused with the British band of the same name. Peter changed the bands name to Furious Rage, which was shortened down to Rage before they started recording. Manni Schmidt and Chris Efthimiadis were the other two members of the most recognizable phase, known as the "Refuge" era. Since then, Rage changed musicians and styles often, but loyal fans were holding out for the reunion. Although not under the same moniker, Peavy did reunite with his old band mates and nowadays they go by the name... Refuge. This is what they sounded, in the cradle.

Gordon Rowley

5. NIGHTWING - Long Hard Road
6. NIGHTWING - Evil Woman
7. NIGHTWING - Don't Want To Loose You
8. NIGHTWING - Black Summer
from "Black Summer" CD ℗ 1982/1999
Country of Origin: England
File under: Hard Rock

Formed in 1978 by the bass player, they were first called Gordon and Friends. If you paid attention to my Island Parties, you know who Nightwing is. This album was released prior to that album, were Gordon was still singing. For the next two projects he invited Max Bacon to take over the duty. The second album with MB was "My Kingdom Come" co-produced with Steve Hackett, who nonchalantly stole Max Bacon to form GTR. And even later than that (on "VI" re-titled as "Natural Survivors") Dave Evans (not to be confused with the AC/DC guy) was the one behind the mic. Nobody stole him.

Charles Frenriez

9. SKORPIÓ - Let It Be Me
10. SKORPIÓ - Wandering Space-Hobo
11. SKORPIÓ - The Run
12. SKORPIÓ - Lead Me Now Through The Night
from "The Run" LP ℗ 197?
Country of Origin: Hungary
File under: Classic Rock

Another familiar face. Charles Frenriez was a founding member of Locomotiv GT. He left them to form his own band in 1973, Skorpió, (not to be confused with Scorpions) which was the third Super Group in Hungary and the first Melodic Hard Rock band in the country. Beside playing bass and singing, Frenriez is very good with Sax (not to be confused with Sex, although some Sax players do get confused in terms of who they should Sex in Oral Oval Office.) This LP is Skorpió's only album with English lyrics. It was only released in Sweden and only God knows when. No, there is no CD yet, but the sound quality is remarkable. Later he formed "New" Skorpió to play Hard Rock. Skorpió is considered one of the best 70s Hungarian Rock Bands. The Hungarian version of this album was voted the 4th best Hu-Rock album of all times.

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At first, Rage didn't really appeal to me. Then it kind of did, except for the first song. There's moments, but overall that song just didn't set. The rest were fine, especially Noghtwing who I've heard before. Sad that they didn't do songs about bats, that would have been a nice tie in with the movie. 


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