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This week we wrap up our run thru Zebra's catalog (for now) with China Rain's "Bed Of Nails". released in 1991.

Featuring Randy Jackson (geetar/vocals), Teddy Cook (bass/vocals), Ronnie Snow (more geetars/vocals) and Brian Tichy (drums/vocals), think of this as a heavier Zebra, yet with the same melodic touch. 

Assisting on the album are Mark Slaughter, Dave "Snake" Sabo, Rachel Bolan and Jeff Scott Soto (listed as Jeff Scott, Soto for some reason), but this is definitely a Randy Jackson effort. 

Sadly this album disappeared without a trace since some kind of new music was poking it's ugly head out of the ground. That's why you have me!

I could swear I posted this before, so if it sounds familiar, sorry. Also, tough. Listen to it again. You've obviously not listened to it in a long time. 


Bed Of Nails

1. You're Only Lonely Today
2. Bang on the Wall
3. Psychedelic Sex Reaction
4. Last Forever
5. Light of My Love
6. Bed of Nails
7. Before It's Too Late
8. I Loved You Lied
9. Valerine
10. Love Calls



Availability: OOP and running around $25+ used.






Since this is the last weekend of March and Spring is here, I have a special bonus for you. Enjoy!



Now What

1. A Simple Song
2. Weirdestan
3. Out Of Hand
4. Hell To Pay
5. BodyLine
6. Above And Beyond
7. Blood From A Stone
8. Uncommon Man
9. Apres Vous
10. All The Time In The World
11. Vincent Price
12. It'll Be Me



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Actually, that's Pat Metheny. But check out the last track, it's from the movie "Thief", always dug that intrumental, but I think you'd dig it more if you've seen the movie.  


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