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GREENWAY - Serious Business 1988  - LP & Cassette 
Brian Greenway was the April Wine guitarist, and this is his only solo album. The music is more of an AOR than Hard Rock. He had some help from his fellow Canadian musicians, Alex Lifeson (Rush) on guitar and Aldo Nova on keyboards. SB does exist on CD, but the original US release is rare and very expensive. A Russian pirated version is circulating as well, but unfortunately there is no legitimate reissue, yet. I have it on vinyl and cassette too. Wouldn't mind a re-mastered CD to complete the set.

KYOJI YAMAMOTO - Horizons 1980 - LP
Kyoji is the Bow Wow guitarist. This is his first solo project. It was released on CD about 12 years ago, but since I bought his Best Of... CD from that time period I don't need an upgrade. The only song I liked, that wasn't on it is the title track. Probably, for its length. Hence, I still got the LP.

EVA - Kek Korszak (Blue Era) 1987 - LP
Solo album by Eva from Newton Family. There is a very little chance this will ever see a CD release, therefore I'm holding on to the vinyl.

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I have the Myles Goodwyn solo album and it's MUCH poppier than Greenway's. Have it loaded for a listen so I'm thinking you've tapped into my computer somehow. The Greenway is decent but.....hey, NICE HAIR!!!!!!!!

That KY song is pretty good. Never really got to "shred" much with....oh, thinking of Bow Wow Wow. Two totally different bands. My bad.


There wasn't much of shreddin' in Bow Wow Wow, but he did got to shine in Wow Wow ;)


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