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Today: The jinxed Lady of Rock 'N' Roll, to whom everything happens 2x. (2 failed marriages in USA. 2 serious car accidents in Hungary and 2 prizes won at the music competition in Japan) + an 80s Canadian band, with 2 Self/Titled albums.     

These Canadians flew completely under my radar. I learned about them only recently, after visiting my Local Comic Book Shop. The owner removed a big chunk of inventory to accommodate his friend's vinyl collection. The only thing I found interesting, was this album. So, I did what I always do when I have no money with me; hid the LP in a different spot. Not sure why, but I did it anyway. Anyway, went home, did some research and decided to buy the album next time I'm in. Unfortunately (for me), it was gone. Fortunately (for you), another store had it.

double click these covers to surf the New Waves for the second time
VIKI & FLIRT - S/T 1985 - LP
At 15, Viki was in a whistling band. In 1974 she won 3rd place at Yamaha's World Popular Song Festival in Japan as a solo artist, with "How Many Nights?" (included here as a Bonus Track). In 1987 she surpassed her first success, reaching 2nd place, with Flirt and song: "Go Go Get It" (also included here). Some, compare Viki & Flirt to Queen, which is contemptuous, because their first LP is uniquely New Wave-ish, while their later projects were AOR (still no symmetry). None of the Viki & Flirt albums were ever released on CD.

LEYDEN ZAR - S/T 1981 - LP
This is yet another "not your typical" New Wave artist. (Well, New Wave is a broad definition, but still). There is a little bit of AOR, and a whole lot of imagination going on here. I hope Rock Candy takes note of my pimping and reissues Leyden Zar's first album, for the first time ever on CD. Leyden Zar released their 2nd album in 1985, which does have a CD reissue, plus a producer we all know; Walter Rossi. Remember him? Although, I like the first album better, hence the inclusion here.

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Viki & Flirt really did nothing for me. Yeah, no comparison to Queen. That's just odd.

Leyden Zar was much better, more geetar than I expected.

I think all the comparison comes from a Queen tribute (maybe it's an album, maybe it's a single? have no idea, there isn't much info available) where Viki & Flirt covered 2 Queen songs with Hungarian lyrics.
Youtube has them both:


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