Classic Rock Bottom


CD ℗ 1988/1993


1. Movin' Up And Movin' On
2. Fanfare / Bareback Ridin'
3. Freedom
4. Time
5. Startin' From Scratch
6. Spain
7. Ain't Got Any Money
8. I Want To Grow Old With You By My Side
9. Unspoken Dream / Mr. Guy (Bonus Tracks)

Note: Click on the cover to hear few songs. Since I'm using the free version of Podsnack this is your Last Call to check out Demon Atticks before it's gone.

     This CD was a mistake buy from long time ago, when I was still ordering music via printed catalogs. All it said in the listing was, ALDRIDGE - Freetown and the only Aldridge I knew at the time was, Tommy. It did seem strange for a drummer to put out a solo album, but it wasn't unheard of. Considering his pedigree, I thought this should be at least, an interesting listen. However, once the CD arrived, my false assumption was evident and this CD was collecting dust on my "Later" pile, ever since.

     Such a shame, because surprisingly it's a great album. Anthony isn't a drummer. In fact, the drums were supplied by Andy Ward, a Marillion member for a short period, but he does play a violin (one of my favorite non traditional Rock instruments) and quite well, I might add. The other notable musician on the project is the Caravan / Camel bass player, Richard Sinclair. So far the drive is steering in the Prog rock direction. Let's see if my new notion is correct?

     Hardly. Not far away thou, but no cigar. 'Movin' Up' opens the CD in a Funky Disco way without compromising it's predominantly Rock execution. The production is crisp and the violin sounds in level, with all the other instruments. 'Freedom' does a phenomenal job blending the smooth vocal arrangements, with an upbeat violin performance. With 'Ain't Got Any Money' they tackle the disco sound, once again, in a live setting. I could swear this song was a cover tune, but a brief search haven't yielded a positive match to any other artists inventory. The Bonus Tracks are quite experimental, where the violin is subjected to a distorted effects treatment.

Finally getting around to listen to, (for the first time) some music I've been putting aside (for years). Including, things from the past I recently discovered, projects I previously had, but replaced with a newly remastered version, or those simple cases, were my last years order didn't arrive on time.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these articles come from the authors heart and personal taste which may not necessarily reflect the common sense or the popular sentiment of those who farm music through the path of least resistance i.e. from ears, straight to the brain.

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Actually might go watch her play violin, especially if she wears cool barely-there outfits whilst doing so...  Aldridge?  not so much...


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