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     Today's Artist spotlighted has a very scarce internet footprint. Perhaps the store where I got the CD had little bit more info on him, but that place is gone, so no use to look there. What matter is that Igor plays guitar. He is from Siberia and I guess if you don't want to freeze over there, you have to play Hard and Fast. He moved to England. Road Tested is a clever name for a first release. He got an unknown dude, Herman Li, from an unknown band, Dragonforce, to play along with him on the Adrenalin Junkie. He made two other CD's in 2004, before he dropped off the face of the internet. Other than that, have a listen to one of the most underrated guitarist.

IGOR BELSKY - Road Tested

CD ℗ 1998


1. Road Tested
2. Space Marathon
3. Backstreet Romeo
4. Adrenalin Junkie
5. Eastern Flier
6. If I Have to Lose You
7. Last Dance
8. At the Factory
9. Village Clown's Romance
10. Letter From the Island

Finally getting around to listen to, (for the first time) some music I've been putting aside (for years). Including, things from the past I recently discovered, projects I previously had, but replaced with a newly remastered version, or those simple cases, were my last years order didn't arrive on time.

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Cant say I've ever heard Siberian rock...  Another first!!!

This is pretty good. Definite Joe Satriani vibe here, don't hear the Siberianism that Scott mentioned, but that's Scott for ya.

Now, I wonder what the story is with the Benson & Hedges jacket. Product placement? Racing jacket? Inquiring minds wanna know.

There is definitely a Satriani influence here. I'm sure he even lists him as such, in the liners note.

As for the jacket, rumor has it, he was betting against Jean Alesi to reach 100 bpm faster on the guitar than he can get to 100 mph on the race track. He won the jacket, but lost the other bet in account to last longer in the race... hence his bald head.


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