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Artist: Scorpions

Genre: Heavy Metal

Country Of Origin: Germany

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: Love At First Sting

Released: March 27, 1984

Producer: Dieter Dierks

Singles: Rock You Like A Hurricane/Still Loving You/Big City Nights

Song Of The Week: Big City Nights

RIAA Certification: Triple Platinum

Album Cover: 9/10


I'm gonna be putting up some Heavy Metal albums from the 80's over the next few weeks...or am I?  That's the question for you each week.  Should the band featured be considered Heavy Metal?  And since The Scorpions are another band that have yet to be featured on AOTW, I picked their 1984 release to kick things off.  Love At First Sting is the Scorpions 9th studio release.  It was released just prior to my high school graduation and sold in excess of 3 million copies.  It climbed to number 6 on the U.S. charts and featured one top 40 hit, that being Rock You Like A Hurricane.  


The Scorpions have never been one of my favorites.  As a matter of fact, this is one of only three Scorpions albums that I own (I also own a greatest hits compilation).  This is a good album.  It has a perfect number of songs in 9 and is easy to listen to from beginning to end.  I remember the video for Big City Nights being huge on MTV.  I don't remember the video for Still Loving You, but I do still hear that song on the radio a good bit.  


One bit of trivia for you is that the original cover caused some problems for Walmart, so a "clean" cover was issued specifically for retail chains that didn't want to stock the "dirty" cover.  I happen to like the latter.


So what do you think?  Are the Scorpions metal?  I need everybody to answer the question.


Next week:  More 80's real or faux metal.


1. Bad Boys Running Wild

2. Rock You Like A Hurricane

3. I'm Leaving You

4. Coming Home

5. The Same Thrill

6. Big City Nights

7. As Soon As The Good Times Roll

8. Crossfire

9. Still Loving You


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You're only part of the 2. I'm part of the 5.

5 > 2.

The fives win!

I'm just digging around catching up on some stuff I missed. Love the Scorps, I would put them in the hard rock genre. If any of you have ever seen Klaus Meine in concert, he will pierce your eardrums! These guys put on a great show! Seeing as I have better taste in music than RJ, the Scorpions would make my list of faves & this is great album, regardless of airplay & overexposure.


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