Classic Rock Bottom

Artist: Jethro Tull

Genre: Rock

Country Of Origin: Great Britain

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: Crest Of A Knave

Released: September 11, 1987

Producer: Jethro Tull

Singles: Farm On The Freeway/Jump Start/Steel Monkey/Said She Was A Dancer

Song Of The Week: Farm On The Freeway

RIAA Certification: Gold

Album Cover: 8/10


This week we are staying in the 80's and with the same subject matter: Metal or not?  Jethro Tull's 1987 offering, Crest Of A Knave, is up for consideration.  First, a couple of stats.  This was Tull's sixteenth studio album.  The album itself reached #32 on the U.S. charts, but failed to chart any Top 40 singles.


Facts (from Wikipedia) and Observations (from RJhog):


1. The song "The Waking Edge" sounds just like Dire Straits (observation).

2. This album won a Grammy in 1988 for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance (fact).

3. One album that it beat out for that award was Metallica's ...And Justice For All (fact).

4. That was the greatest musical injustice in the history of the world (observation).

5. In 2007, Entertainment Weekly named it one of the 10 biggest upsets in Grammy history (fact). 

5. The guitar playing on this album is really good (observation).

6. So is the flute playing (observation).

7. The tenth track came as a bonus on the 2005 re-issue (fact).

8. Tracks 1,5 and 9 feature a drum machine as opposed to an actual drummer (fact).


So what do you think?  Is Jethro Tull a metal (or hard rock for that matter) band?


1. Steel Monkey

2. Farm On The Freeway

3. Jump Start

4. Said She Was A Dancer

5. Dogs In The Midwinter

6. Budapest

7. Mountain Men

8. The Waking Edge

9. Raising Steam

10. Part Of The Machine (Bonus Track)



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OMG!  Two Tull albums this week.  Its gonna be hard to all my feedback written because I will have to nap after every 3 tracks...  Just sayin'

No, Jethro Tull is neither a HM-band or a Hard Rock Band. Then what are they? I don't know, and I don't really care what style it is. For me it's one of the great classic Rock bands from the late 60's and up through the 70's, kind of like The Who , but those two bands doesn't sound alike at all, and thank god for that. They (JT) have been called many things, for example Prog, but I strongly dissagree. Nobody sounds like JT or The Who in my book, and therefore they are very special, and will always be remembered as two of the greatest classic rock-bands.

Yes, the guitar is very good, and Martin Barre was (is?) a very, very good guitarist, just listen to "Live Bursting Out".

I remember I saw it om the tv, when JT won instead of Metallica. It was a joke, and a proof, that "they" were not at all ready for Metal in the Grammy's. Where "they" ever? 

Hard rock? Maybe. Heavy metal? No friggin' way.

Heavy Metal? 


The opening track sounds like a Jan Hammer collaboration, but all kidding aside, its a very nice track with a heavy 80's feel.  The second track was quite nice as well.  hey!  This is stacking up to be atypical Tull album, you know, first two songs are great and then the 3rd songs starts and you start feeling sleepy, so you force you eyelids to stay open (Think Clockwork Orange) and then it happens...  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


So I rebound, get my second wind and start back up with track #5.  Another up tempo decent tune... and then Budapest and Mountain Man put that glaze back in my eyes and I start to drift off yet again.  And then Mountain Man finally kicks in and I wake back up.  Not a bad tune, nice geetar work even!


Totally missed The Walking Edge and when I tried to go back and listen to it again, I couldn't get through it...  Raising Steam, eh at least its up tempo, but wait!!  There's a friggin' bonus track...  well here goes..  Pleasantly surprised!  Maybe they should release an album of only bonus tracks, I liked that one.


All said and done I just cant get into this band!   Its not bad in spots, but as a package its more miss than hit.


Now onto Jon's....


Remember, I warned you about my JT post, just in case you didn't read that either. 

Read what?  I'm not getting you lately... Sounds like someone is concerned about being on the naughty list!

You're causing my panties to bunch up.  Not in a sexual way, mind you.


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