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Artist: Dixie Dregs

Genre: Southern Rock/Jazz/Bluegrass/Classical

Country Of Origin: United States

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: What If

Released: March 1978

Producer: Ken Scott

Best Single: Unknown (I'm not sure if Take It Off The Top was a single)

Best Album Cut: Odyssey

Meet The Band: Rod Morgenstein (Drums)/Steve Morse (Guitar)/Mike Parrish (Keyboards)/Allen Sloan (Strings)/Andy West (Bass)

Disclaimer:  All "facts" come from Wikipedia unless otherwise noted.

We will be staying in the South this week with the album What If by the Dixie Dregs.  There isn't a lot of info on the album so I'll just give you some facts about the band as well as the album below.

  • The Dixie Dregs evolved from an Augusta, Georgia (my hometown) band named Dixie Grit.
  • Their music is primarily instrumental and features elements of the jazz, southern rock, classical and bluegrass genres.
  • The band changed their name to The Dregs in 1981 in order to gain more commercial appeal, which didn't work at all.
  • The band features Steve Morse, who was briefly a member of Kansas, but is probably most known for his tenure in Deep Purple.  Also, Rod Morgenstein is probably best known for his work with Winger.
  • The lead track "Take It Off The Top" was used as the theme for the Friday Rock Show.  I do remember hearing this song played on the radio at the time as well.
  • What If is the band's third studio album.
  • Dream Theater covered Odyssey on it's album Black Clouds & Silver Linings.
  • I've included a live cover of Odyssey by Flying Colors that will appear on an upcoming DVD.

1. Take It Off The Top

2. Odyssey

3. What If 

4. Travel Tunes

5. Ice Cakes

6. Little Kids

7. Gina Lola Breakdown

8. Night Meets Light

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Love Odyssey, didnt realize it was a Dixie Dregs song so thats cool!

Im surprised you are posting an instrumental, not characteristic of you, I think your tastes are growing and evolving in cool directions.  Congrats!  Its always cool to see a KISS fan expand...  I was there too trust me I know...  

Weird player you chose, no volume controls... and the first track skipped to track #2 after about 1 minute but that could be a Podsnackl thing.  Will come back and try again later.  LIked what Ive heard so far though ...

I didn't notice the lack of a volume control.  I have noticed that if you have to pause it, when you hit play again it only plays briefly then skips to the next track.  So I don't pause anymore until I'm at the very end of a song.

Hey, Kiss had an instrumental on the debut...

Yeah, Kiss, Great. Yeah, bring them up here. Sure. They fit right in. Go right ahead.

Anyhoooooooo.....wait till I post in a couple hours, I have to cut the lawn first. I had this set to go earlier this week, didn't tell anyone what I was going to post, so it's a little bit eerie. Just a tad. 

Everything is here. Jazz, Boogie, Latina, Metal, Classical, Disco, Southern probably everything else under the sun. There's nothing boring at all throughout this album, there's always something to throw you off the track which I like.

I really like "Travel Tunes" because it's exactly that. Something to listen to while you're pedaling down the road. 

I have this album, yet haven't listened to it in years, bought the CD a year or so ago and it too sits in the pile to be listened to, still wrapped. Now I can take it off that list I think?

Nice pick, threw me for a bit of a loop. Part of me thought you were going with R.E.M.  

Odyssey is way cool!  But I now it best from Dream Theater.  hmm... That may make a cool thread - "Covers that are better than the original"

Theres a lot to like about this, really cool moment where it feels very early Kansas prog like, then some cool funk, southern rock grooves, some classic material and some HeeHaw country.  I want to hear more, but would prefer to hear something more in the Rock category and with vocals, do they have anything like that?

As far as I know, they are practically instrumental only.  Wikipedia credits Rod Morgenstein with vocals on this album...I think there was some background noise on one song that somebody claims to be vocals.  But this is the only album I own from them, so I can't bee one hundred per cent sure.


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