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Artist: Dokken

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Country Of Origin: United States

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: Tooth And Nail

Producer: Tom Werman/Roy Thomas Baker

RJ's Top 5 Songs: 1. Alone Again...2. Don't Close Your Eyes...3. Into The Fire...4. Heartless Heart...5. Just Got Lucky

Disclaimer: All info that does not reside in my brain is gathered from (mostly because Jon can't stand it).

This year marks thirty years since I graduated from high school (my senior class just held our thirty year reunion last weekend).  And since it's the first Friday of the month, I'll feature an album that was released thirty years ago.  It's Dokken's sophomore effort, Tooth And Nail.  Here are some nuggets:

  • #49 on U.S. Chart.
  • Certified Platinum.
  • Singles: Into The Fire, Alone Again (U.S. #64) and Just Got Lucky.
  • This was Jeff Pilson's first album with the band (he replaced Juan Croucier, who left Dokken for Ratt).
  • Music videos were made for each single and the success of the album fluctuated positively with each video release.
  • Into The Fire was featured in A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

I think this is a fantastic album.  It still sounds great to me.  Maybe the production isn't as good as it was on the follow up, but I still dig it.  There is really only one song that doesn't work for me.  That would be the album closer, Turn On The Action.  Everything else, even the album cuts, are fantastic.  It's what pure melodic metal should be.  Great vocals and a lot of guitar.  What is your opinion?


1. Without Warning

2. Tooth And Nail

3. Just Got Lucky

4. Heartless Heart

5. Don't Close Your Eyes

6. When Heaven Comes Down

7. Into The Fire

8. Bullets To Spare

9. Alone Again

10. Turn On The Action

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I thought this is the Dokken album I own, but it's "Back For The Attack". I DID have this when it came out, thought it sucked. We'll see how I feel about it now, if,  and only if, I take some time to listen to it. 

Take a Valium and drink a beer before you listen, maybe you'll like it better.

Ooooh. You got some? Valium, I mean.

"She goes running for the shelter, of her mother's little helper"...

A friend of  mine had got Dokken's debut-album in ´82, but it was import and very expensive and besides very hard to get in Demark at that time, so I waited until this album was released in ´84. I remember clearly, that I bough it together with Queensrÿche's "The Warning".

It's my favorite Dokken-album by far. No filler at all on the album. Their next one had a few songs, that were better than anything on TAN, but there was also a lot of filler. BFTA was ONLY filler. It's a classic 80's Heavy Rock'n'Roll-album, and when you're in to that kind of music, it's a "must-have". I'm not so much in to the stuff at this point, though.

I saw Dokken live in the spring of '88, opening for AC/DC on the "Blow Up your Video-tour". They were a big disapointment. AC/DC were great, though.


I've got no problem with this album. Dokken's first four albums are usually the ones considered to be their best (though I'd sub Long Way Home in place of the Breaking the Chains album).

My introduction to Dokken was by way of their first album and a friend of mine who refused to remove it from his cassette deck.  Breaking the Chains played so freaking often that I was burned out on Dokken by the time this came out.  But Alone Again was like valium is to Jon, irresistible...  And Just Got Lucky was pretty good too...  Yet I still resisted purchase, figuring that my pal would buy this and ruin it forever more by replacing their debut and playing the snot out of it.  But that didn't happen and time went by and so did the thought of purchasing this.  SO, all that said just to say, I've never owned this one...

I did however own the their debut - why I don't know - and the follow up to this Under Lock and Key.  The latter of which is hit and miss.

Sounds like I missed the best of Dokken when I passed this by.  This sounded dated, but still good (if that makes sense), something about it holds up well.  I cant say that about any other Dokken album.  So this was a pleasant surprise!

Nice post Boss!!!  You and Jon did good work this weekend!  There's got to be some weird connection to Nick Gilder that Im missing though, the collusion is here, you've just managed to hide it well this week...

Yeah. They both have the letter "k". Roll with that.

Funny. The one song I played off this album over and over again was "Turn Off The Action" because I dug the geetar™. Still do. The one song I really can't stand is "Don't Close Your Eyes" it sytarts of so promising but is basically ruined by the chorus which sounds like he's singing really fast. As a whole, this album is better than I remembered but I still like "Back For The Attack" better. The only reason I picked up this album back then was because of the cover, I'm sure I thought it would have been more evil than it actually is. A surprisingly decent listen after all these years. Imagine that!!     


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