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Artist: Jimi Jamison

Genre: Melodic Rock

Country Of Origin: United States

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: No

Album: Crossroads Moment

Producer: Serafino Perugino (

Release Date: 11-03-2008 (

Running Time: 1:13:59

RJ's Top 5 Songs: 1. Make Me A Believer...2. Crossroads Moment...3. Battersea...4. Bittersweet...5. Behind The Music

Disclaimer: All info that does not reside in my brain is gathered from unless otherwise noted (mostly because Jon can't stand it). 

Unfortunately, the rock world lost a great vocalist earlier this week.  Jimi Jamison left us a legacy of some great music.  This week's Album Of The Week celebrates some of that music.  It's his solo album Crossroads Moment.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I've had this for several years but have just never gotten around to spinning it.  So my comments come as a result of just one listen.  Gone are the huge radio hit's that Jimi scored with Survivor.  But this is a nice collection of tunes that you have probably never heard.  The only complaint I would have is album length.  At over an hour, it's a bit long.  If I were to take out three songs, they would be Love The World Away, As Is and That's Why I Sing.  None of these are bad songs, but I have to cut somewhere.

Also, the list of guest musicians for the album is pretty stout: Dave Bickler, Joel Hoekstra, Kelly Keagy, Johnny and Donnie Van Zant, Joe Lynn Turner, Jim Peterik, Mike Reno and Mickey Thomas.  I think the guy had some cool friends.

Be sure to check out the two closing songs.  There is some really cool name-checking in When Rock Was King and being as how Jimi passed from this world a few days ago, Alive is quite emotional.  I hope you enjoy this post.

1. Battersea

2. Can't Look Away

3. Make Me A Believer

4. Crossroads Moment

5. Bittersweet

6. Behind The Music

7. Lost

8. Love The World Away

9. She's Nothing To Me

10. As Is

11. 'Til The Morning Comes

12. That's Why I Sing

13. Friends We Never Met

14. When Rock Was King

15. Alive


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15 tracks?  Holy Cow ...

I know, right??!! "The Wall" only had something like 12 tracks. Sheesh.

Hey, this was actually pretty good. If you're in the mood for some solid melodic rock, look no further. To be honest, I expected it to be filled with ballads, but that's not the case. Most of this stuff rocks. It is a bit long, but I can see getting this and loading it into my PMP and it would fit quite nicely between Death Angel and Little River Band.

Uhhhh....upon further review, that doesn't seem like it's gonna happen. Have you seen the prices for this album??

Bummer. I'll trade you for it.

Between Death Angel and LRB...  hahahahaha, that's quite the gap!

I like it that way. Load a bunch of albums, and play it by song title starting with "A". When I'm done with that 700  or so songs, I delete some albums and add some more. 

This is very nice warm and fuzzy AOR, but it sounds a bit too serious (if that makes sense).  I think the band WET suffered from something similar...  I do respect the guy though, he took Survivor to the stratosphere of music stardom - though it may be arguable that Eye of the Tiger was their most successful single, Vital Signs may have been their most successful album.

Seems like he worked better in Survivor, so maybe he shines best when in that group or maybe it was Frankie Sullivan who pushed him to be better than this, not sure what but it would have been interesting to see him record with them at least one more time. 

Those nits and the length are my only gripes otherwise there is a lot to like about it.

Some good guitar, but I just can't seem to get into this that much. Tons of keyboards, and that is what probably makes me not enjoy it that much. But, it is good enough where I might come back and listen again. This one might grow on me with more listens. Definitely some talented musicianship and singing here.


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