Classic Rock Bottom

Artist: Opeth

Genre: Progressive Metal

Nationality: Swedish

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: Not Eligible

Album: Watershed

Producer: Mikael Akerfeldt/Jens Bogren

Release Date: May 30, 2008

Running Time: 54:48

RJ's Top 3 Songs: 1. Coil...2. Burden...3. Porcelain Heart

RIAA Certification: Aluminum

Peak Billboard Chart Position: #23

Singles: Porcelain Heart/Mellotron Heart/ Burden


Disclaimer: All info that does not reside in my brain is gathered from (mostly because Jon can't stand it). 

Jon asked (sort of) for Opeth, I give you Opeth.  Yes, March Metal Madness continues this week with a stop in Prog Metalsville.  Your Album of the Week is Watershed.  I happen to be somewhat new to Opeth, having bought and enjoyed each of the last two albums. Watershed precedes those two, and unlike Heritage and Pale Communion, the Cookie Monster is present.  Normally that would not be something that I tolerate.  But this is a bit different, and I thank Jon for helping me realize it.  As much as I am not a fan of unclean vocals, they really don't take much away from this album.

I'm basically gonna give an extremely brief song by song play by play:


Coil - Simply a beautiful song.

Heir Apparent - Mostly unclean vocals.

The Lotus Eater - Less unclean vocals here, they don't seem to be as intrusive.

Burden - No Cooki Monster here, a very nice song.

Porcelain Heart - Cool acoustic work mixed with dynamic electric work and no CM.

Hessian Peel - Cool song, especially the first half.  Then the Cookie Monster makes an appearance.

Hex Omega - Not bad, clean vocals.

I told you it would be brief.  The music here is terrific, as are the clean vocals.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Go into it with an open mind (Scott).

1. Coil

2. Heir Apparent

3. The Lotus Eater

4. Burden

5. Porcelain Heart

6. Hessian Peel

7. Hex Omega



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I love cookie monster vocals! !!

I've had a recent change of heart about the heavier side of metal. My eyes have been opened!

I usually can't stand CM-vocals at all. I normally can't listen 3 sec to CM-vocals. But thanks for the guideline. I think, I'll give this a try. But as soon as my blood pressure gets too high because of CM-vocals, I give up listening.

Well, did you listen?

No, not really. I listened to small snips of the first couple of songs, and the CM-vocals makes me want to vomit. I can NOT take CM-vocals at all. They insults me intelligence. I might try some other time, but at the moment, I can't stop listening to the "hand"-album. It keeps getting better for me, and I stand by my 6/6 verdict. This one might be good, but a sure thing, to make me stop listening to an album is adding CM-vocals!!! And no: Devin Townsend doesn't "use" CM-vocals, not like this, he don't, well not on the albums, I've got/listen to, if anyone should wonder about that.

An epic album so epic in its epicness. Not their best album, but close to it. What an awesome 1-2 punch with this and the previous album. Might as well add the album before that. And then the album before that. And then the album before that. So on, and so on. While it's awesome to turn the volume up and listen thru speakers, it's even better with the volume turned up to max volume with headphones on. You can't listen to this album once because you're mind can't and won't accept the awesomeness on just the one listen. No, you need to have this on repeat for at least 24 hours straight. And, as I said before, IT'S NOT THEIR BEST ALBUM.   

I have always really liked Progressive metal especially when the band has a good singer.

My mind is always open, did you notice how much I liked that Disturbed post?  But... I prefer my metal without Cookie Monster vocals though I must admit to being intrigued by Opeth, especially recent Opeth.  Their latest album (as of 3.14) is stellar and is missing any remnant of Cookie Monster vocals.

Heir Apparent kicks into high gear and its dark and gloomy.  The vocals are, in a word, awful.  I don't get the appeal of that.  But the lead geetarmanship is stellar.  I'm not a fan of the down tuned crunch either.  It can work, don't get me wrong, but for the most part its ran its course.

The Lotus Eater, while less cookie monstery, isn't working for me either.  See Jon!  I came back to my senses!  But I will admit that the prog is cool here, but there's still that CM issue.

Burden is a fine Respite from the previous two tracks.  Nice song here.  Keyboard work is awesome, but I love the tone of the geetar, very nice production.  Porcelain Heart.  Also a big improvement.  The gloomy doomy drone of this works better sans CM vocals than with them. 

Hessian Peel... Well, I'm sitting enjoying this fine tune and then, BOOM - CM!  At least it ends well, at least it does for Opeth, Cookie Monster?  Not so much...


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