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Artist: The Eagles

Genre: Rock

Nationality: American (sorry Niels, but you'll like next week's post)

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Member: Yes  (1998)

Album: One Of These Nights

Producer: Bill Szymczyk

Release Date: June 10, 1975

Running Time: 43:15

RIAA Certification: 4 X Platinum

Peak Billboard Chart Position: 1

Singles: One Of These Nights (1)/Lyin' Eyes (2)/Take It To The Limit (4)


Disclaimer: All info that does not reside in my brain is gathered from (mostly because Jon can't stand it). 

I'm back!  That's right, after a much appreciated break from the regular, not to mention a guest spot over in Scott's forum, I am back with a vengeance.  I have some real classics lined up for you.  And I'm kicking it off with an anniversary album from The Eagles.  It's One Of These Nights, and album that might be slightly under-appreciated seeing as it came before a monster (Hotel California).  But I don't under-appreciate it, I appreciate it quite well.

It features three huge singles in the title track, Lyin' Eyes and Take It To The Limit.  The album hit number one on the strength of these singles.  Heck, they are even a big reason their first greatest hits album was the greatest selling album of the twentieth century.  

But it's not about singles only.  The album features, in my opinion, four very strong album cuts (Too Many Hands, Hollywood Waltz, Journey Of The Sorcerer and After The Thrill Is Gone).  Journey Of The Sorcerer is a terrific instrumental and After The Thrill Is Gone is definitely a top 10 album cut for me.  

The only real memory I have of this one growing up is that one of my cousins had it.  I remember it because of the album cover.  I thought (and still do) that it is so cool.  You can still find this one quite easily.  It's available on cd for about 9 bucks and you can even get a nice box set that features it for about 32 bucks.  Do you have any memories of this album?  If so, why don't you share them with us.  If not, take a listen and tell us what you think.

Side One:

1. One Of These Nights

2. Too Many Hands

3. Hollywood Waltz

4. Journey Of The Sorcerer

Side Two:

5. Lyin' Eyes

6. Take It To The Limit

7. Visions

8. After The Thrill Is Gone

9. I Wish You Peace


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Welcome to Classic Rock Bottom!

Join us and we'll talk some classic rock or modern rock, whatever you like. But we prefer it to be about Journey, Foreigner, Eagles, Styx and other american AOR-bands.

Open Since June 10, 2010

Did you read the post?  Maybe I shouldn't throw you that bone next week...

Yes, I did read it, but I thought my little joke was funny. Wasn't it a bit funny, though?

I thought it was funny, I just wanted to make sure you saw what I wrote regarding you.

Hands down the best line up. Felder and Walsh on guitars

Almost bought the Eagles set a few weeks ago with one of those $10 off $20 at Sears, but decided not to when I read about the issues with "The Long Run". Not the biggest Eagles fan, but was bored enough to try to find something to add to the collection.

The two standout trakcs here are "Too Many Hands" and "Journey Of The Sorcerer" with the latter bordering on prog territory. Some of these songs I'm very tired of, those being 1, 5 & 6. Have heard them too many times already and am sure I'll be hearing them too many times in the future.

I like side one better than side two. Nothing really stands out on side two compared to side one, so I like part of this album. Doesn't mean I won't eventually maybe buy that set possibly, but it's just another album I won't have to rush to listen to.

I think, this is the first time ever, that I've listened to an Eagles-album from start to end.

Did I enjoy it? Not really. Did I hate it? Not quite. Was it boring? Absof......lutely!!!

I kept getting images of old people dancing together.

The title-track I've heard many times, and it reminds me of '75, where it did get played a lot on danish radio. I wasn't aware, that it was The Eagles until years later.

Song no. 8 reminded me of a song by Neil Young.

The instumental was total filler.

The best tracks were (without doubt) no. 1, no. 2 and either no. 5 or 6, can't remember.

But I'm very, very calm right now, and that's a good thing.

I have this cover as one of the Classic Rocks all-time best...

And my favorite Eagles album ever.  But only through the overplaying of everything on Hotel California and The Long Run did it work its way to the top of my Eagles list.  And Yes, I am a Long Road Out Of Eden fan in case you were wondering.  I know Niel's was anyway. Its a landmark album as well, since it represents the last time the original 4 ever recorded together.

The closer I Wish You Peace is very poignant as its Leadons swan song - probably should have included in my uniquely original, and one and only closers playlist.  Anyway, I'm sure they knew of his intentions so this seems very intentional, but it works really well.

Great album!!!


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