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I have a double shot for you this week.  This week's two album set comes from Dust, a sort of pre-super group if you will.  The three band members (as well as the band's lyricist) went on to fame (varying degrees, of course) after the group disbanded.  The players:

  • Richie Wise (Guitar/Vocals) - Went on to fame as a producer.  He and the band's lyricist, Kenny Kerner, co-produced the first two Kiss albums (Kiss and Hotter Than Hell).  Wise was the band's songwriter.
  • Kenny Aaronson (Bass) - Went on to work with pretty much everybody from Billy Idol to Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  If you hear a steel guitar or a dobro, that would be Aaronson playing.
  • Marc Bell (Drums) - Better know as Marky Ramone of the Ramones.

Kenny Kerner was not only the band's lyricist, he also managed the band and produced the band's two albums.  The self titled debut and Hard Attack were the band's only two releases.  Wise began writing songs for a third album that never materialized.  What you are listening to is a two for one CD that includes both albums on a single disc.  The weird thing is that they flipped the order, so the first ten songs are actually the second album, while the last seven songs are the debut (Dust).  I'm not sure why they would do it that way.

Anyway, I think it's an interesting release from the early 70's.  This double disc was released in 2013 and is still available on Amazon for $6.99.  Not bad for two albums.

Hard Attack

1. Pull Away/So Many Times

2. Walk In The Soft Rain

3. Thusly Spoken

4. Learning To Die

5. All In All

6. I've Been Thinking

7. Ivory

8. How Many Horses

9. Suicide

10. Entrance


11. Stone Woman

12. Chasin' Ladies

13. Goin' Easy

14. Love Me Hard

15. From A Dry Camel

16. Often Shadows Felt

17. Loose Goose

Here's a little interview clip with Marky Ramone talking about Dust:

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I remember the album cover from the first album and thought it was pretty neat. Read about the album and had some interest, not so much with the second album even though that album cover is also cool which I believe was done by Frank Frazetta.

I like the first album better because it's heavier while the second has some heavy moments but tends to meander quite a bit in the middle. "Suicide" is a cool song as well as the first track. The debut album just rocks from beginning to end and is quite enjoyable.

What's funny is I was checking Captain Beyond on Amazon this morning and this album showed up towards the bottom of the page. WIshbone Ash's "Argus" was above it, in case anyone cares.

Never heard of this band before. But looking at the picture, makes me think, that they might be one of the ugliest bands ever.

First song certainly has an early KISS-vibe, that was my first thought before I even saw your text. I never knew about that link between KISS and The Ramones.

Obviously song two sounds a bit like The Who.

I'm sure I would had liked this band back in 1977. It sounds to me like Ritchie Wise has a lot to do with the early KISS-sound.

Song 4 sounds a bit like early Twisted sister as well. Or even Alice Cooper. I like the way they shift from fast to slow in their songs, and the production is nice.

Song 5, and I'm getting a bit tired of this style...but wait, there's a cowbell !!!

I'm feeling, like once again I'm beeing taught something new again in music-history, and I like it!!

Even though some of the songs in the last half are not as good as the ones in the first half, overall this is not a bad album at all. At least it's very interesting.

Suicide is a nice rock-track. I kind of think, that Marc Bell fits in this band much better than in the Ramones. He's not a bad drummer at all.

New album, Stone Woman is not as "fresh" in the sound. The drums are more in the background, too bad. It doesn't sound like Hotter Than Hell part to anymore. The guitars sounds like Manny Charlton. It's an okay song, but I'm not as impressed as by the first album's "right in your face"-attitude.

Second song is a bit better.

Going Easy sounds like a Stones-song. Well, the start, anyway. Nah, I'm not that impressed anymore.

Hey, that's a Zeppelin-start!! "Marky Ramone" still impress me on the drums, though. Too bad for him, they are in the background. Not a bad track. Love the use of accustic guitars by this band.

And then it's Black Sabbath all of a sudden?! I guess the band were having trouble finding out, who they were.

Last two songs are pretty much filler.

Second album as a whole wasn't bad either, but not as good as the first, espicially production-wise (get it?)


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