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Here in the United States, we celebrated a bicentennial in 1976.  And that year saw some really killer, classic albums released, like Hotel California, Frampton Comes Alive!, Destroyer, Jailbreak, 2112, Boston, Night Moves and Songs In The Key of Life, to name a few.  Kansas released their first mega-seller in Leftoverture.  Even though the band's previous three albums struck gold, this was the first one that struck platinum.  Five times platinum. 

Carry On Wayward Son was a huge single, reaching number 5 in the US.  It has since become an iconic song and just an amazingly heavy, cool song.  

You can find this one on Amazon for as little as $6.99.  That's really all I have to say.  How'bout you?


1. Carry On Wayward Son

2. The Wall

3. What's On My Mind

4. Miracles Out of Nowhere

5. Opus Insert

6. Questions of My Childhood

7. Cheyenne Anthem

8. Magnum Opus (Father Padilla Meets The Perfect Gnat/Howling At The Moon/Man Overboard/Industry On Parade/Release The Beavers/Gnat Attack)


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You know, this was their "magnum opus" since they never really had another album (except for "In The Spirit Of Things") that was as strong from top to bottom. Not saying that other albums were bad, but they did have a ho-hum tune or two on 'em, not like this one (or ITSPT, of course). 

Probably only me, but I've always got a chuckle out of seeing "gnat attack". That would kinda suck but would also be funny at the same time. Not as funny as a gnu attack, but still funny.

If you live in the south, you see plenty of gnat attacks.  I prefer a dragon attack.

Queen will give you one. Still, gnats are funny.

What about attacks from a fifty-foot woman?

That would be tubular!

What a killer album!  Miracles Out Of Nowhere still floors me to this day.  Sit dead-center between your speakers and crank this one up you'll feel the full effects then.  Still, The Wall remains my favorite track on here, the feel of it is emotional and the lyrics hit at your core, purely epic.  But the remaining album cuts aren't far off, its a great intro to prog for beginners, and its all radio friendly while being pure rock and roll.

I have the distinct memory of seeing this band on Don Kirshners Rock Concert and being mesmerized.  My brother owned Masque so I knew of them and liked that album prior to this one, but this was the one that brought fans into their world and really, they never let go (except for maybe that second Elefante album which has a handful of throw away cuts) but other than that, the catalog stands up strong!

Can't believe this hasn't been showcased prior to this, but better late than never!

I was surprised as well.  It's possible that it was features on a prior site, but I can't be sure.  You know how my memory is.  I check the list on the main page and then I do a forum search just in case.  I was gonna do Bad Company's Run With The Pack, but I thought it had been featured.  Didn't see it on the Main page grid, but it came up when I did the forum search.  Good thing I did.


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