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1990, where we landed at the end of the 80's.  Does anybody really remember this time?  It's kind of a blur to me.  But I do remember this week's Album of the Week.  The self-titled debut from the supergroup Damn Yankees.

Damn Yankees saw Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Tommy Shaw (Styx), a resurgent Ted Nugent and a relatively unknown Michael Cartellone (who would later play with Lynyrd Skynyrd) get together, eventually releasing two albums total.  The debut was good at the time, though personally, when I listened to it a few days ago, doesn't stand up all that well for me.  Coming of Age was the lead single, but it stalled at number 60.  High Enough followed, doing much better and climbing all the way to number 3.  It remains the band's highest charting single.  Come Again reached number 50.  The album itself fell just short of the Top 10 (number 13) and the album was certified Double Platinum.  

Like I said earlier, as much as I liked it back then, there are really only a handful of songs here that don't sound like straight up filler to me.  High Enough and Come Again still sound excellent though.  You certainly can't beat Amazon's price of $3.99.  

1. Coming Of Age

2. Bad Reputation

3. Runaway

4. High Enough

5. Damn Yankees

6. Come Again

7. Mystified

8. Rock City

9. Tell Me How You Want It

10. Piledriver


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Yeah, this is ok. Doesn't bore me or make me angry or anything like that. However, I like the followup much, MUCH better. This one seemed to aim more for a hit with some of the songs while the next one was just a rockin' affair for the most part. Still, this is quite listenable. Like track #3, it should have been a big hit cause it's rea;;y good. 

I actually quite enjoyed this album when it came out. I'll have to dig it out and listen to it again.

I saw them in concert and it was a pretty damn good show.

You know...  I like this album and have never actually heard their 2nd in its entirety ...  Maybe Jon will start a new series and post it one day...  maybe

You know I've also always liked the pairing of Blades and Shaw, or should I say Shaw/Blades.  I own both of their outputs (Hallucination and Influence) of which the pure studio effort - Hallucination - is still quite good and my favorite of the two.  But they did pick some cool covers for the other album, just sayin...

You know, I also like Uncle Ted, music that is, though I would also say I lean conservative but just not as far as he does...  But literally just the other day I was sitting on the couch with the wifey and on came Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.  Well, lets just say that song works every time!  I'm a romantic at heart...

You know, I really don't know anything about the drummer guy, for all I know its another Spinal Tap drummer story. Is he the Skynyrd guy now or something?  Maybe its not a Spinal Tap ending...

You know, I've not really said anything about the album other than I Iike it...  But you know, I could really dig a decent remastering or deluxe treatment (usually when I say this Jon comes back sends me a link to a really good remastered edition so lets see if it works again)

Nice work boss!!!


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