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This week I'm picking an album from 2002. I can't say there's a lot to choose from, though there is one that I think is pretty good.  It's closer to something Jon might usually post, something that's probably forgotten, or more likely many folks never even knew it was there to begin with.  But that doesn't make it any less of an album.  Dying For The World is the tenth studio album by W.A.S.P.  

There is no chart information to report on, as I doubt it even scratched the surface.  Wikipedia says that it was Blackie Lawless' dedication to the lives lost in the 9/11 attacks.  

Maybe you're a fan of the band, maybe you aren't.  Either way, I definitely think this is worth a listen.


1. Shadow Man

2. My Wicked Heart

3. Black Bone Torso

4. Hell For Eternity

5. Hallowed Ground

6. Revengeance

7. Trail of Tears

8. Stone Cold Killers

9. Rubber Man

10. Hallowed Ground (Take #5 Acoustic)

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I'm a big fan of W.A.S.P.'s early days through the "Helldorado" (minus the KFD album), but this album falls in that period of time when Blackie simply lost the plot for me.

I listened to the KFD album one time and thought it was terrible.  I was a big fan of the first album.  Then, the second album contained my favorite WASP tune, Wild Child.  But I wasn't much of a fan of the rest of the album. Then they are somewhat hit and miss after that, but I do enjoy this one.

The KFD album is terrible. I wasn't crazy about the live album Double Live Assassins that followed it up either.

Never heard that one.

This is quite....bad.

I bought that first WASP (ain't using the periods) when it came out, wasn't too impressed. It wasn't until years later that I bought another WASP album, believe it's part one of Neon Gods or something along those lines and it also isn't good. There's something about BL that bugs the hell out of me and something about the music that also bugs the hell out of me.

This album is just a complete mess, no songs stand out, no songs stick in your head. The one good thing I can say is there's some nice geetar work, but that doesn't make the album good overall.


Have to agree with Jon...  Not a WASP fan at all.


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