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This week we let the ladies take the wheel.  One of my goals this year is to include more female artists in the AOTW forum.  Lita Ford and Quarterflash have been featured this year, and now it's The Bangles' turn.  The Bangles third album, Everything, followed the very popular release Different Light, which was the band's highest charting album at number two.  Everything did well also, although it topped out at number 15.  Still, that was enough to garner the band a Platinum award.

A few singles were released, but the big one was Eternal Flame, which topped the Billboard charts, becoming the band's second number 1 hit (Walk Like An Egyptian was the first).  With two number one hits, The Bangles became only the third all female group to score two number one hits, the other two being The Supremes and The Shirelles.  In Your Room was another Top 10 hit, climbing to number 5, and Be With You was number 30.

How good looking was Susanna Hoffs?

The album is available for about 13 bucks on Amazon.  I picked this up at a used store recently for a few bucks.


1. In Your Room

2. Complicated Girl

3. Bell Jar

4. Something To Believe In

5. Eternal Flame

6. Be With You

7. Glitter Years

8. I'll Set You Free

9. Watching The Sky

10. Some Dreams Come True

11. Make A Play For Her Now

12. Waiting For You

13. Crash And Burn

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You people, always having to bring up Hoffs, as if the rest of the members weren't as "good looking" or talented. it's like you grew up in the 60's or something and it quite frankly disgusts me. You guys that wear suits and ties and drink cocktails at work make me sick.  

Hey, this is a pretty good album from a really good group. Too bad I'm too disgusted to say anything more. #they'reallgoodlooking.

Hoffs dominates in the looks department.



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