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Motley Crue is up to bat this week.  I was originally going to post Girls, Girls, Girls but for some reason it's been deleted off of my computer.  It's out in the truck and I'm just too lazy to walk out there and get it.  So Too Fast For Love, which is better by a long shot in my book, gets the call.  Of course, it's The Crue's debut album.  The version posted is not the original '81 release by Leathur Records, because I don't have that one.  This is a reissued version of the re-released debut that actually came out in '82 on Elektra Records. 

The album did not take the charts by storm.  It stalled out at number 77.  But it did have enough in the tank to sell over a million copies and earn a Platinum certification.  None of the four singles released charted in the US, but I definitely remember seeing the video for Live Wire and I remember thinking it was quite raw.  As was the album, which was not my favorite from the band for many years.  The follow up is more polished, though not overly so, and it's difficult for me to pick between the two as far as a favorite goes.

Outstanding songs for me are Live Wire, Merry-Go-Round, Take Me To The Top, Piece of Your Action and Starry Eyes.  The album is readily available on Amazon for about 12 bucks.

Side One:

1. Live Wire

2. Come On And Dance

3. Public Enemy #1

4. Merry-Go-Round

5. Take Me To The Top

Side Two:

6. Piece of Your Action

7. Starry Eyes

8. Too Fast For Love

9. On With The Show

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Yeah, I got this when it came out. Thought it and they were so cool and after their third album that feeling disappeared, at least about the band. Still kind of like this album since it mostly brings back memories of living in California, but it's not something I revisit often unlike the Corabi album which is totally awesome. Hey, did someone tell them to lay off the cowbell, maybe there was TOO MUCH, especially in the first three songs? I mean it's kinda loud. Loud cowbell. Well, now I can hold off on listening to this album for a few more years.   


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