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We're going metal this week, but I've gotta be honest with you, this is one that got away for me.  Similar to my view of Dio, I was not "into" Iron Maiden during my youth.  It was a mistake, one of many I've made in 52 years.  But I sure wish I would have given this band a chance back then.  I do dig them now and I have more than a handful of releases.  

This week's Album of the Week is one of those.  Powerslave is the band's fifth studio album and it was released in September of 1984.  It was the band's third straight Platinum album in the U.S.  It was a Top 40 album, topping out at number 21 on the Billboard chart.  There were two singles released, 2 Minutes To Midnight and Aces High, but neither charted in the U.S.  

It's readily available over at Amazon and sells for less than 9 bucks.  

Side One:

1. Aces High

2. 2 Minutes To Midnight

3. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)

4. Flash Of The Blade

5. Duellists

Side Two:

6. Back In The Village

7. Powerslave

8. Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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There are four all-time Maiden classics on this album.

I have to thank RJhog for spotlighting the album this week. I went to listen to my copy of it, realized I only had it on cassette and learned that the cassette is warped. So I'll be upgrading to a CD as soon as I can.

Love it when something positive happens due to a post!

I'm almost sure I bought the LP when it was released. Possibly the cassette, but most probably the LP because I might not have had a tape deck.

Wait, I did have one. But still, I'm almost positive I had the LP.

I was kind of letdown a bit. Love Piece Of Mind and didn't think this one was as good as that one. Still don't since POM is one of my favorite but I like it a lot more than I did back then. Cool album cover, it's a bit epic. And that last song is DEFINITELY epic.

Now I want to listen to POM..... 

So I bought a used CD copy today at the record shop and listened to it.

The four Maiden classics are indeed that. But I have to say that while the other 4 songs on the disc are okay, I didn't quite get into them as much. It's been a long while since I listened to this album so I found it weird not to remember those four tracks as well as you'd expect me to.


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