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Well, seems as though I was out of commission again last week.  But I'm back, for a week at least.  Big Country has the spotlight this week.  The Crossing, the band's debut from 1983, is the band's third album overall to be featured on Classic Rock Bottom.

I bet you've heard the opening track before.  In A Big Country was the band's first and only Top 40 US single.  That's kind of hard to believe, but it's true.  The album itself made it to number 18 in the US on the strength of that single.  Also, the album was certified Gold by the RIAA.

The album is still readily available.  You can get a brand new, remastered copy that contains several bonus tracks on Amazon for just under 12 dollars.  That's a good deal.

Side One:

1. In A Big Country

2. Inwards

3. Chance

4. 1000 Stars

5. The Storm

Side Two:

6. Harvest Home

7. Lost Patrol

8. Close Action

9. Fields Of Fire (400 Miles)

10. Porrohman

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You know… I really didn’t like the song Big Country when it came out and I liked the video for it even less. Just doesn’t do anything for me, and this LP version of the track doesn’t really change that and, weirdly, I can see bits of the video playing in my mind as the track plays.

I did hear something I liked in the song Chance, that one wasn’t bad. Fields A Fire sounds familiar, was that released as a second single maybe?

I do appreciate their uniqueness and that they don’t follow any real template of the 80’s format. So, for me it’s a stylistic thing, this is OK, not anywhere near my wheelhouse. The interest I had was in hearing the album for the first time. But now that’s passed…

It's a decent album, think they got better as they went on. It was a new sound so that might be why it was a hit, but they strayed away from the bagpipey geetar so maybe that threw some folks off. Yeah, I remember that video. Really low budget, if I remember correctly. And maybe it had four wheel off-road vehicles. Maybe sales for those went up too. Maybe I don't remember the video at all.


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