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This week's Album of the Week is Electric by The Cult.  It was the band's third studio album, released on April 6th in 1987.  It became the best performing album commercially for The Cult to that point.  It topped out at number 38 in the US (number 4 in the UK).  It also sold enough in the US to garner a Platinum certification by the RIAA.  As far a singles are concerned, Love Removal Machine, Lil' Devil, Wild Flower and the cover Born To Be Wild were all released but not a single one of those charted on the US Hot 100 chart.  

Of course, Love Removal Machine is one of the all-time great rock riffs (my opinion).  And one thing you may not know, the original sessions were to be released as an album tentatively titled Peace.  Apparently the band were not happy with the album's production and scrapped it, eventually hiring Rick Rubin and releasing the album as produced by Rubin.  In 2013 Electric Peace was released as a 2CD set, with one disc being the album Electric as released and the other being the original album that was scrapped (Peace).

As far as availability goes, you can get this album in a new, remastered format from Amazon for just under 12 bucks or you could splurge and grab the Electric Peace release for just under 14 bucks.  


1. Wild Flower

2. Peace Dog

3. Lil' Devil

4. Aphrodisiac Jacket

5. Electric Ocean

6. Bad Fun

7. King Contrary Man

8. Love Removal Machine

9. Born To Be Wild

10. Outlaw

11. Memphis Hip Shake

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Couldn't have cared more about the Cult before this album, but when I read about this and heard a track, I just had to have it. Plus there was something about RR producing that really made me want to have this. So got it I did and listened to it a lot even when one of my speakers at home went out and there is a lot of separation going on so for a little while I was kind of listening to only half of the album. Then I got tired of it and finally got the CD a couple years ago. Haven't listened to it as much as back then, but can say I have listened to it twice this year thanks to someone?

You're welcome.


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