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Album: The Firm

Band: The Firm

Released: 1985

Label: Atlantic

Producer: Jimmy Page/Paul Rodgers

Chart Performance: #17 US/#15 UK

RIAA Certification: Gold

Singles: Radioactive (#28 Billboard Hot 100)/Closer/Satisfaction Guaranteed (#73 Billboard Hot 100) 

Notes: The Firm were a British Supergroup (Paul Rodgers - Free/Bad Company, Jimmy Page - The Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin, Chris Slade - Manfred Mann's Earth Band/Uriah Heep/AC/DC and Tony Franklin.  This was the band's self-titled debut.  The song Midnight Moonlight was based on an old unreleased Led Zeppeling song called Swan Song.  You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' is a cover of the hit song by The Righteous Brothers.  Tony Franklin is noted for his playing of the fretless bass.  The album is out of print but you can pick it up used on Amazon for just under seven dollars.


1. Closer

2. Make Or Break

3. Someone To Love

4. Together

5. Radioactive

6. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

7. Money Can't Buy

8. Satisfaction Guaranteed

9. Midnight Moonlight

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That's what I thought of it then and that's what I think about it now. It sounds like a lot of these songs weren't really finished, just quickly thrown together, recorded and tossed onto whatever format there was. It's not bad, but it's not the powerhouse it shoulda been.

I see I’m the only one to reply so far…

I’ve never owned this album, and that’s a surprise to even me because of how much I love Rodgers and Page. But the single Radioactive never sat well with me and I could never pull the trigger on a purchase for that one reason.

There is an appeal to adding a New Wave flavor to the duo as well, but that opener also includes a horn section. Hmmm... That didn’t strike me well. I do love the guitar tone on Make or Break and I like that I can hear some Bad Company/Page-isms in the tunes as well, but I’d love to hear more Page influences in the form of solos.

That cover tune is not good!!! That came out of left field and threw the album off for me. Satisfaction Guaranteed sounds familiar since it was an Mtv thing but I don’t recall it being as successful as Radioactive. Kind of a droner actually. I did like the closer (not the opening track, but the last one – see what I did there?)

On paper a Rodgers/Page pairing sounds like a slam dunk, in reality I’m glad I steered clear of the album and band. Can’t wait to read what others have to say, me being the first and so-far only one to respond and all…

If only Jon could see your reply, he could reply.

Who's reply?'re funnin'.

I get it. I replied to you so I obviously saw your reply!!!

Jon who?  Did I miss a new member recently? 


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