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Album: The Innocent Age

Band: Dan Fogelberg

Released: 1981

Label: Full Moon/Epic

Producer: Dan Fogelberg/Marty Lewis

Chart Performance: #6 (US Pop Albums Chart)

RIAA Certification: Double Platinum

Singles: Same Old Lang Syne (#9 US)/Hard To Say (#7 US)/Leader of the Band (#9 US)/Run For The Roses (#18 US)

Notes: The single charting records above are all from the US Pop Singles Chart.  The Innocent Age is Fogleberg's seventh studio album and his most successful.  It was inspired by Thomas Wolfe's novel Of Time And The River. The song Times Like These was also featured on the soundtrack for the move Urban Cowboy.  There are quite a few famous names among the credits, including Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, Chris Hillman and Richie Furay.  The UCLA Band and Choir both make appearances as well.  Finally, The Innocent Age is a double album and you can still get it new on Amazon for just under twelve dollars.

Side One:

1. Nexus

2. The Innocent Age

3. The Sand And The Foam

4. In The Passage

Side Two:

5. Lost In The Sun

6. Run For The Roses

7. Leader Of The Band

8. Same Old Lang Syne

Side Three:

9. Stolen Moments

10. The Lion's Share 

11. Only The Heart May Know

12. The Reach

Side Four:

13. Aireshire Lament

14. Times Like These

15. Hard To Say

16. Empty Cages

17. Ghosts

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Already listened to this this year. The remastered edition, so......................

You know, this really isn't that bad. Prefer his previous album because there are two tracks on there that totally rock and rock hard and the rest of the album ain't too shabby. This one was at first too mellow for me, but there are a few occasions where's there's some rockin' out. Now, song #8 kinda makes me feel a bit ill. It's incredibly sappy. But it tells a story I guess but would have been funny if one of ;em slipped on the ice and got gobbled up by a tree shredder. Now THAT would be epic. 

For some reason, this seems like an album to paint a room to. Or maybe go yachting with. You know, "yacht rock" (which APP is NOT).

Scott said APP is yacht rock.


Scott.  He said it. He typed it with his own hands.  And he’s sort of an APP expert.

Never heard of him. Must be.....some guy?

Dear Bossman,

Who you talkin' to on here?  Should there be a concern about you talking to yourself?  Hope all is well.   Let me say this.  I am on record on this site on more than one occasion about how good the predecessor to this album is.  So let me reiterate for the first time on this post...  Phoenix is far and away, Fogelberg's best album, it's very strong and more diverse than this album, which is also quite good just way more mellow.  Not that there's such a thing as a heavy Fogelberg album, but you get the point.

I don't think I first stated APP was yacht rock, I did post a track from them in an ART Rock playlist, but lets face it, that's way way different!


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