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Album: Strong Persuader

Artists: Robert Cray

Released: 1986

Label: Mercury

Producer: Bruce Bromberg/Dennis Walker

Chart Performance: #13 (US Billboard 200)

RIAA Certification: Double Platinum

Singles: Smoking Gun (#22 US)/Right Next Door (Because Of Me) (#80 US)/I Guess I Showed Her (DNC)

Notes: Strong Persuader is the fifth studio album for American blues guitarist and singer Robert Cray.  Strong Persuader was Cray's breakthrough and it ranked 42nd on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest albums of the 80's.  It's really just a killer blues/rock album.  I thought I had posted it before, but it is nowhere to be found.  Maybe it was a previous site whose name I have forgotten.

The album is still in print and available for thirteen dollars and change on Amazon.  

1. Smoking Gun

2. I Guess I Showed Her

3. Right Next Door (Because Of Me)

4. Nothin' But A Woman

5. Still Around

6. More Than I Can Stand

7. Foul Play

8. I Wonder

9. Fantasized

10. New Blood

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All ready to give this a spin but...........WHERE'S THE PLAYER???????????????????????????????????????????

Yeah.................I.................forgot.  It's hell gettin' old.  It's there now if you still wanna spin it.

Just like you, I listened to this last week........


....forgot to leave a comment.

Yeah, this got a lot of airplay when it came out, but after that I don't think I heard anything else from him. Don't know if rock radio just stopped playing his stuff, or I didn't pay attention but a lot of this was on the airwaves. It is good, but it kind of has that same 'ole feeling the further you get in the album. The geetaring is really good, but kinda understated. He also comes across as kind of a jerk with that woman next door and it doesn't really appear that he regrets it. What a cad! Overall a fun listen.

Oh, doesn't the geetar look really tiny on that cover? Maybe he's 7' tall?

Never thought about that, but it does look tiny.


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