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Artist: The Doobie Brothers
Album: The Captain And Me
Producer: Ted Templeman
Band Members: Tom Johnston/Patrick Simmons/Tiran Porter/John Hartman/Michael Hossack
Singles: China Grove/Long Train Running
Best Single/Best Album Cut: Long Train Running/Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Best Of The Rest: China Grove/Clear As The Driven Snow/South City Midnight Lady/Ukiah
RIAA Certification: Double Platinum
Album Cover: 7/10

So this week we go back to 1973 for the Doobie Brothers third studio album, The Captain And Me.  The album sold well enough to score Double Platinum status with the RIAA.  Both singles, Long Train Runnin' and China Grove were relative hits and iconic songs for the band. 

What you may not realize is how good the guitar work is on this album.  Both acoustic and electric.  Just check out the bluesy feel of Dark Eyed Cajun Woman and South City Midnight Lady to see what I mean.  There's really not a bad song on the album.  Evil Woman has a weird sounding chorus, but otherwise it's a really cool song.

This is not hard to find at all.  Just check out Amazon.  I believe I picked my copy up in the Walmart 5 dollar bin.


1. Natural Thing

2. Long Train Runnin'

3. China Grove

4. Dark Eyed Cajun Woman

5. Clear As The Driven Snow

6. Without You

7. South City Midnight Lady

8. Evil Woman

9. Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners

10. Ukiah

11. The Captain and Me

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I love Doobies...  I mean, I love The Doobie Brothers!  So many great albums in their catalog, so many that get lost behind albums like this, but this is deserving album to have other get lost behind (If that makes any sense).  This is an importnat band in my life soundtrack. 


Johnstons geetar is at a peak, and the tone he gets is one of the best in Rock (check out Without You). Natural thing is a killer opener, Clear As The Driven Snow stays true to the bands roots and would fit nicely on their debut album as well.  Ukiah is the hidden gem though South City Midnight Lady is also special (just not as hidden as Ukiah), and dont discount the title track making this a top to bottom classic!


And lastly, dont forget that this album is sandwiched by two more classics, TOULOUSE STREET, and WHAT WERE ONCE VICES ARE NOW HABITS.  Cool trio and must haves for any classic rock fans collection!


Great way to end 2011!!!  One of my favorite AOTW...  So if I had to pick my 5 favorties from 2011 they would be (in no particular order and removing Ben Orr's - The Lace and Saga's The Human Condition since I posted those...)


The Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me

Heart - Dreamboat Annie

Rush - Moving Pictures

Montrose - Montrose

The Who - Whos Next

This was a GREAT listen. I have zero Doobie stereo albums, have a couple greatest hits collections, but this album was cool. So cool that I checked out the internet and I can get a package of 5 Doobie CD's for around $22, including this one and the two Scott mentioned.

I must pull that trigger!!!!!

I had this on 8 track many, many moons ago. Definitely some good ole' stuff!


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