Classic Rock Bottom


Artist: ?

Album: ?

Producer: ?

Band Members: ?/?/?/?/?

Singles: Track 4/Track 5

Best Single/Best Album Cut: Track 5/Track 7

Best Of The Rest: Track 1/Track 2/Track 8

RIAA Certification: Double Platinum
Album Cover: 5/10

So, like Jon, I'll start out 2012 with a little mystery.  The big difference is that as soon as the first track starts, you'll know exactly which album I've chosen.  Nobody will miss this.  This album went double platinum in the U.S.  It contains one of the most recognizable classic rock songs (riff included) of all time.  The question here is can you figure it out with the few hints I've already given, without listening first?

The original album had 7 songs, but I've included one bonus track because the guitar playing is so cool.  This bonus track appeared on the 25th Anniversary edition of the album, which is what I own on CD.  Lastly, the band was a Classic Rock Bottom Award winner in 2011.

So, can you figure it out before listening?  Either way, don't forget to actually listen to it.



Side One:


1. Track 1

2. Track 2

3. Track 3

4. Track 4


Side Two:


5. Track 5

6. Track 6

7. Track 7

8. Track 8 (Bonus Track - Original B-side to Track 4)

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So I had this one figured out in about 1 nanosecond into the opening track...  Its track 8 that I dont know...

Yep.  I knew you would.  Track 8 is a bonus that was not on the original vinyl.  However, I think it's good enough to be on there.

I thought you didn't own anything by them?

I don't believe I've ever said that.   But what I have has been purchased in the last 2 years or so.

Could have been from that OTHER site, that still remains nameless.

Nice thing to wake up to today.

OK, so these are the Deep Purple CDs I have?

  • Deep Purple- Machine Head (1972 Warner Brothers)
  • When We Rock We Rock, And When We Roll, We Roll (1978 Warner Brothers)
  • Deepest Purple, The Very Best Of Deep Purple (1980 Warner Brothers)
  • Perfect Strangers (1984 Mercury)
  • Slaves and Masters (1990 BMG)
  • The Battle Rages On (1992 Giant)  

    Any tips on any others that are worth hearing? I have the orignal pressings, so no bonus tracks. But I liked When A Blind Man Cries. I've actually never heard this song before. Nice! :)

In Rock



House Of Blue Light




Rapture Of The Deep (last 4 listed are with Steve Morse on geetar)

To add to Jons...

  • Come Taste The Band
  • Who Do You Think We Are?
  • Stormbringer


I found House of Blue Light used! I have not listened to it yet, but I will play it this week. I'm going to listen to more Warrant CDs, then to bed.

NP. Wildstreet - All the Young Dudes! :) Carry the news! :)

I have:


In Rock

Machine Head

Perfect Strangers


Would like to have more, especially Fireball.  Great album cover on that one.


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