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Every year as we move through time we see more and more archive and box set releases from our favorite bands.  I don't expect that to change much.  Name your favorites of 2018.  

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I have purchased a few box sets or deluxe reissues this year:

Def Leppard - The Collection: Volume 1

Phil Collins - Plays Well With Others

Tom Petty - An American Treasure

Kip Winger - Solo Box Set Collection

Glenn Frey - Above The Clouds

Prince - Purple Rain Deluxe

Whitesnake - Unzipped

REO Speedwagon - The Early Years

The last four listed haven't even been opened yet.  I just got them for Christmas.  Out of what I've listened to, I'd probably rank the Def Leppard box at the top.  There's not really much new stuff going on, but it's still a nice release.  The rest of the discography should follow and I'll be picking those up as well. 

I've listened to some of the Phil Collins and some of the Tom Petty boxes and I like what I've heard so far.  

I do still want to get the Metallica ...And Justice For All Deluxe and the Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction 2 Disc Deluxe reissues.  And I'm trying to decide whether or not to pick up the Chris Cornell box.  I've been hoping for a price decrease, but no luck so far.

I have everything in that REO set, but only a couple of them are remasters and none have the bonus tracks.  The reviews on it look fantastic!  Its in my cart now!!!

I had it all too.  But, what the heck...

Do live albums count as archival? I'll have to check my list at home to see what 2018 archival releases I got.

I think it depends.  If it's an old show from years ago, I would say yes.  Obviously, if it's a show from 2017 or 2018,  I would consider that a new release.

OK, thanks for the clarification.

I didn't buy any box sets this year. And only 2 releases would count as archival. There was the Bob Seger & The Last Heard Heavy Music release which grew on me a bit more after I posted a review of it but still found me wanting a bit more.

However, the new Lone Justice archival release (short as it is) The Western Tapes, 1983 was really good! So that'd have to be my choice for this category. Here's my review.

Wishbone Ash--Vintage Years: 1970-1991

Def Leppard--The Collection: Volume 1

Tygers Of Pan Tang--The MCA Years (so what if it was released in 2017)


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