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Just thought this was pretty interesting. I went to a party this last Saturday night, hosted by the owners of the company I work for. Almost everyone there was middle-aged...40's and 50's. There were a few young folks there, including the children of the owners. Well, these kids had some friends, all in their early 20's. who have a band. So the band played at the party.


Their set list? This young band of guys in their early 20's? Every single song, except one, was from the 1970's, with a few from the 60's. They opened up with 3 straight (3 straight!!!) songs off of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" album. Followed that up with some Doors. Then a bunch of Pink Floyd, including something off of the "Ummagumma" album!! Several tunes from Jimi Hendrix.


I was shocked, but glad to see these young musicians appreciate classic rock so much, that their entire set list, save one, was of classic tunes. The one song they did that was new?  A song from Them Crooked Vultures!! Wow, that was out of "left field". But anyway, just thought it was "cool" enough to post it. Good music will stand the test of time!

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Encouraging isnt it! 

I agree, it is alive and well.  It's just not being purchased like it used to be, but it is definitely still being made and played (just not on the pop radio).


And kudos to Black Country Communion.  Two albums of original material in less than 12 months (I think it's 9 months to be exact).  That's the way it used to be, and that's the way I like it.

I agree about the BCC-comment. Them Crooked Vultures also said, they would release a second album within a year, but BCC have done it, and I can't remember the last band, that did it. And 2 is actually rather good. I've only heard it once, but I'm looking forward to a second listening.

I think it's great, that the youngsters like the classic rock, but I wish there'll soon be another wave like Punk, NWOBHM or Grunge. Not for my sake, but for music in general. 

Niels, you may be the only person that wants grunge to come back in.  Well, I must say that I liked grunge somewhat 'cause it was still rock and roll, riffs and guitars.  Just check out Pearl Jam's debut for proof.  I listened to it the other day and I had forgotten how good the guitar playing was, and if I remember correctly, McCready is self taught.

I loved Grunge. It was VERY refreshing at the time, but I don't want it back. A new wave could be started by a band, that went as big as Guns'n''Roses, and played HEAVY rock inspired by......hmmm?...well, not so much black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, because it HAS been done MILLIONS of times. I don't mind BCC and Rival Sons sounds SO much like Led Zeppelin, but let's have some new idea's on the table. I WISH that a new band that was inspired by RUSH would be big, and why not? 
Picked up BCC today as well, WOW!  These guys have really put something together!
And what's the old saying? ROCK WILL NEVER DIE!!!!
At work we have a bulletin board you can put pictures up on so awhile back I put pictures of myself and Alice Cooper and myself and Bret Michaels. Was surprised at the number of people that have commented to me about them since then, real surprised about a few of the people who are older and you wouldn't think would be into Poison anyway that have been to numerous Poison shows.
There are a lot of kids into bands like AC/DC. I also think things like "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" have helped bring in a new auidence of young people. Even with the hair bands of the 80's, there are shows like Dee Snider's House of Hair and others that have young people interested as well. We just need to find a way for more people to actually go out and buy CD's again.


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