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Hello Everyone, Are there anyone out there who had a close encounter with a star at a concert like I did or did you walk away from a concert as you thought you had a religious experience and did not come down for days.? Well tell us your thoughts as a "mini review" of a concert that shook you all night long and all day after wards. This could be like a game where you tell us your list of concerts(limit 4 or 5) and tell us who you saw and what the band was and where you saw them. This could be fun and remember I still have lots of albums for sale. New list will come out soon. Cheers Jackie

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I got to work for the catering company a couple times and even got to stock the dressing rooms and buses. I walked into Dio's room while Vivian Campbell was warming up. He had a black gibson and headphones on and was playing. I think I stopped in my tracks for what seemed like 5 minutes, but itwas really only a half a second. Very Cool!
There are so many concerts....
The best shows I've seen are ARS/Mother's Finest/Dixie Dregs (because it was my first concert), Kiss in 83, 85 and 09, Def Leppard in 87 and 09, Night Ranger, Tesla and Cheap Trick.
The best concert and I think I touched upon it once befor(maybe Norma did) was two actually, The one in San Diego where I actually talked to my beloved Stephen out in front of his bus as he was having a smoke( did not expect he still did). I was wearing a black and yellow striped captain's jacket like the one he had on at Live Aide in 1985 and I did a bad job copying it. Stephen called me over to him and there was no one back by his bus but the security guard I was speaking with. He was so kind and funny and seemed a bit tired but after all he is 65 and it is being to show on his handsome face. We talked for almost 20 minutes but time stood still for me. I really was so much in awe of him. He is an inch shorter than me (i'm 5,9 he's 5,8) and I have loved him a long time and it took all I could do but reach out and wanted to hug him which I do not think he would have minded. I kept my cool and he did hold my upper arms and clasped my hands and said good bye with a quick peck on the cheek which I returned( he tasted like make up) Second one was Solana Beach near San Diego and he was solo. I have a precious token of his friendship that he gave me and it was a, sweaty hand towel and a few picks and I got to talk to him again out back behind the building where his Lexus was parked. This is one time I am still off the ground with. If you ever get a chance and I hope he still has it in him to do so see this man live and solo, I swear to you male or female you will be AWED and AMAZED. Thanks, Jackie


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