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I'm very pleased to announce the CRB Hall Of Fame Inductees for this year.  The late Ronnie James Dio is the first inductee.  He was such a respected individual in the rock world and is truly missed today, but we are proud to name our CRB Hall Of Fame Award after him and present him as the very first inductee.  We also had a panel of 8 members who submitted nominees and eventually awarded a "Dio" to the following five artists by voting them into the CRB Hall Of Fame:


                  The Beatles    Led Zeppelin    The Who    Black Sabbath    Van Halen


I would like to thank the 8 panelists that voted, and I'd like to encourage each member to become a panelist next year.  Make your voice heard.  All you have to do is be more active on CRB.  I pay attention to this site everyday, and I will contact you for possible involvement if I see that you are more active.  If you are interested in seeing the page that I have created to honor our new Hall Of Fame members, you can hover your cursor over the "CRB Awards" button, which will give you a link straight to that page, or you can click the following link:


                                                             Classic Rock Bottom Hall Of Fame

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Fully admitting bias here.

I hate the Beatles.

Looking at the voting numbers, I was disappointed to see that Black Sabbath got such a low total even though they got in. Worse yet was the totals for Cheap Trick.

Now, do the bands that didn't get in stay on the ballot for next year?

I think that each year they should have to be re-nominated, but I'm open to letting them stay if that's what the majority wants.
I was on the fence with Cheap Trick, but voted for others because I was going with bands that had the most impact then and still do, to this day. Cheap Trick did/has, but not to the extent of the others, IMAHOWINW. .
I DID vote for Cheap Trick......and The Beatles!! 
I think we should "re-nominate" each year. Hopefully, we will have more voters next year. But the 2011 "class" of inductees is a POWERHOUSE!!


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