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This thread will be designated for great deals on classic rock related merchandise.  It doesn't matter what it is, T-shirts, CD's, DVD's, Vinyl, Books or whatever.  If you come across a great deal, post it in this thread.  I'll start it off with a great deal I found on Amazon:


Most 1997 remasters by Rush are on sale for $4.99 on Amazon.  And you get free shipping if your order is over $25.00.  Here's what they have for $4.99:




Rush (S/T)

Permanent Waves

Fly By Night


A Farewell To Kings

Caress Of Steel

Hold Your Fire

Power Windows


The ones in aqua are the CD's I just picked up.

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What's the difference in the colors? I have all of these but am curious...

It's just a personal thing.  The aqua colored ones are the ones I just ordered, the first two red ones I have and the last two I skipped for now.


It seems I forgot to mention that.

Cool. Your're going to be Rushed out!

This thread died a quick death, I though shall ressurect it!

Have quite a few good cd's here for $5 (no, not all of these are in the Wally World bin), but if you search you might find some good stuff, plus it's cheaper than Amazon even with shipping:

For those interested, "The History Of The Eagles" bluray set is less than $11 from amazon warehouse deals. 

Click HERE for the deal and pick the "like new" offer, those with amazon prime will not have to pay for shipping. There were at least 999 available a few hours ago.   

Generally, what's offered from AW is in very good to excellent condition. The lowest this set has been since release is $22.50 so it's a pretty good deal.

Oh-oh. Price is now $10.39!

This must be a mistake, but look HERE.  The Complete Albums Collection for Judas Priest is $11.99.  I just bought it.  It says not in stock until March 9.  I feel like I'm missing something, but $11.99?

No, it's not. $72.99. Get glasses. Besides, I have almost all the studio JP albums so this means nothing to me. 

Nice deal on that Eagles blu though. For fans of the Eagles.

They changed it.  I have an order conformation for $11.99.

Who is it coming from? Looks like it's not amazon but a third party seller?

It says Mega Media, fulfilled by Amazon.  It's Prime eligible.

Good luck with it. It might be cancelled but you never know!

Unlike that Eagles blu ray. It's legitimately priced. For those that are Eagles fans.


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