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The new Alice Cooper, "Paranormal" was released yesterday. So far, I am enjoying the new album but I will tell you it is one of those albums you have to give three or four listens to, to truly appreciate it.

I really like songs like "Fireball" and "The Sound of A." What is interesting is on the 2nd disc there are two songs written by the original band and while I love "All American Girl," the other one "You and All Your Friends" is probably my least favorite song on the album.

All in all a good album. It isn't my favorite Alice album ever, but definitely worth buying and giving a listen to.

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I didn't realize it was already out.

I knew it was coming out on Friday but I didn't have the time to stop by the shop and pick it up. I'll have to wait until next week to grab it up, along with the new Accept album.

Yeah I look forward to the new Accept album as well. The Alice album I will tell you is more of a garage rock album sort of in the Eyes of Alice Cooper vein. You have to give it about three good listens to truly get it.

Yeah it was Number 1 on Amazon for a couple of days, seems to be selling well.

Got mine on Friday as well, I am liking it...  Spun it a few time already!

Yeah. It is an interesting album. It jumps around all over the place (which I like about it) and you have to really give it multiple listens to truly appreciate it. 

I like it but youre right it does jump around a good bit!


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