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We'll start off with an easy one...or is it easy.  Name your Top 5 Classic Rock bands.  Mine are:

1. Kiss

2. Van Halen

3. Cheap Trick

4. Def Leppard

5. Black Sabbath

...of course, this could all change tomorrow.

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These are mine:

1. The Beatles

2. Led Zeppelin

3. The Who

and then it becomes difficult, hmmmmmmm......

4. Van Halen (but ONLY with Dave)

5. Cheap Trick
Hi. I'm new to this forum! How is everyone doing?

Today it's....

1. Queen
2. King's X
3. CheapTrick
4. UFO
5. Thin Lizzy

Thank you for letting me join and voicing my opinion since it's the only one that matters. HAVE A GREAT DAY!
Wonder how different this list is versus the first time we did this... oh well, this is what it is now...

1. Rush


3. The Who

4. Journey

5. Earth Wind and Fire
Okay, now I know it's The Greek
thats right brother!!!!!!

the greek is back.
1) UFO
2) Cheap Trick
3) Golden Earring
4) The Beatles
5) Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention ( I think this may be cheating )
Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Dio, UFO, and Ratt.
My Favorites:

1. Foreigner

2. The Doors

3. Van Halen

4. Aerosmith

5. Rush

I have seen a lot of love on here for Cheap Trick, and I have been interested in digging deeper into their work past the surface hits like "Surrdender", "Dream Police", "I Want you to Want Me", etc. Could anyone give me a brief list of some of their songs I should check out? I'd appreciate it!

Check out these, some of us very recently picked 10 of our favorite Cheap Trick tracks


10. Tell Me Everything (Woke Up With A Monster)

9. Give It Away (Rockford)

8. Stop This Game (All Shook Up)

7. Way Of the World (Dream Police)

6. He's A Whore (Cheap Trick '77)

5. Say Goodbye (Cheap Trick '97)

4. Love Comes (Standing On The Edge)

3. Oh Caroline (In Color)

2. So Good To See You (In Color)

1. If You Want My Love (One On One)


10. Can't stop it, but I'm gonna try (All Shook Up)

9. All we need is a dream ( Lap Of Luxury)

8. Heaven Tonight (HT)

7. Oh Caroline ( In Color)

6. Voices ( Dream Police)

5. World's greatest lover (All Shook Up)

4. Way Of The World (Dream Police)

3. Standing On The edge (SOTE)

2. Takin' Me Back ( Heaven Tonight)

1. Taxman, Mr. Thief ( Cheap Trick)


10. Best Friend

9. Heaven Tonight

8. Gonna Raise Hell

7. Girlfriends

6. Sick Man Of Europe

5. Auf Wiedersehen

4. ELO Kiddies

3. You Let A Lotta People Down

2. Big Eyes

1. Need Your Love

Well, Jon beat me to it.  But also, if you want to check out some complete albums, on the main page underneath the album covers for Album of the Week and Lost/Forgotten Album of the Week, there is a letter grid.  Click on "C" and search for the Cheap Trick albums.  Click the album covers inside the threads and you can listen.


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