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Final Response to the CRB Board/Compiling of lists and top tens

IF everyone is not invited to participate, its not a real, true representation of the members. It's not a real list, not a true measurement. Not even close.

So, RJHog, after my initial complaint about not being invited to participate in the Hall of Fame process, then why did you not include everyone on the top 10? Scandal 2000 also let it be known he was insulted he was n't invited to participate. It should be quite easy for you to post something letting members know that all are invited and welcome to participate in a vote, whether it be HOF or albums of the year, or whatever. And post when the deadline is to get your votes in. THEN...if people choose not to participate, then they have no complaint. If they are not invited to participate, then it's an insult. You decide to run a poll on a web site? How do you justify expecting the members to ASK YOU if they may participate? YOU should invite everyone to participate. If they ignore your invitation, you've still been a good host, you've done your best to be INCLUSIVE...not EXCLUSIVE.

Having the chance to be a part of this country's very fabric. Many people have died to give us all the right to vote, to be a part of the process...or not. YOU GAVE NO ONE a chance to participate outside of your chosen five. I kept thinking you would post something letting us know what the deadline would be...especially after you did the same on the HOF, AND AT LEAST 2 people let you know we were insulted not to be included. But you still chose your exclusive, self serving, hand picked group.

I will say I give a "mulligan" to any of the 5 voters who DID NOT PARTICIPATE in the EXCLUSION of everyone else. If one person, and one person only, chose the 5 voters, then it's all on that person. But if Jon or Neils, or whoever...ALSO said something like "let's just us choose the top 10"...THEN they are guilty of having the same kind of elitist, crappy attitude towards everyone else.

Dont ask me what is wrong with me when you KNOW DAMN WELL I was insulted by not being asked to participate in the HOF voting. You, RJHog, even said you would includes us on the next years class. And then, you turn around and do the same thing 2 months later? Just on a different poll!! You chose to keep the vast majority out of your process. When you chose (AGAIN) not to let me have my voice heard...YOU attacked me and my right to  participate...IF I choose. I will defend my freedoms any time and every time. To the death, if needed. I will always fight for my right to choose. Period. You were a dictator in the process. That makes you arrogant and egotistical. YOU are the one who is mean spirited, insulting, excluding, and acting like your opinion is more valid than anyone else. You and anyone else of the 5...IF they also supported your decision to not invite everyone. I'm pretty sure TageRyche is innocent in being exclusive. Jon, Scott, and Neils...I have no idea if they felt only a handful should be included. But I will say this...APPARENTLY no one of the "elite five" "stood in the gap"....and tried to get you to include everyone.

WHY did you invite me to participate in the past, but stopped doing so? WHY??? YOU are the one who has changed. I've never stopped loving music, or my freedom to express my opinion on it. But you have now shown your true colors. Does it really stroke your fire to see YOUR favorite album listed first? You need that much ego gratification? I dont care if all 5 voters agreed on all 10 spots (and we all know that did n't happen)...BUT what if all 5 voters DID? IT'S still not a true representation when only 5 out many members are there?...118 members? Do the simple math....5 people included out of 118??? How can a "poll" be REAL when there is not even 5 percent participation? It's a joke. AGAIN...if someone chooses not to long as THEY HAD THE CHANCE, then it's on them.

In your response to me on the other thread, you say I've attacked you twice...but then you say, and I'm quoting you "you have expressed exactly zero interest in getting in on the process until this outburst"....WHAT?? WHAT??? You double talk in your own post. Do you not even read what you type? How can I have two outbursts about not being invited, but then you say I did not express my displeasure in not being included? You partying too much these days, man?

And yes, I have always been appreciative of this site and it's posters....ALWAYS! But to stop being invited to participate is a slap in the face. You slap me, I'm going to slap back. Only I'll try my best to slap back harder. My post was defensive, not offensive. You offended me back on the HOF vote, and I let you know. Then you do it again. Dont sit there and act like you are this great leader of this have chosen to be exclusive and insulting to any and all members who were not invited to participate. PERIOD. I guess you are saying everyone who wants to participate should send you a private message requesting that? That's silly. I, for one, let you know I wanted to be included. But you excluded me AGAIN.

You say that the voters who did GET THE CHANCE TO BE HEARD, just because they are not musicians, STILL have the right to be heard? WELL OF COURSE THEY DO!!! That is what this whole thing is about...for the SECOND TIME NOW!! EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO VOTE...OR NOT...THIS IS AMERICA, AND I WILL FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS TO SAY WHAT I WANT. TO BE HEARD. TO BE GIVEN A CHOICE. You changed into a dictator, or you were given really, really BAD ADVICE BY SOMEONE.

But dont worry, I wont be posting anymore "attacks"....that are really, truly just requests to be not be be given the chance to speak. This country has a CONSTITUTION...but this web site is run by someone...or a very small handful of people that dont wont anyone but themselves being heard. Well, you are going to get what you want. The lists will be made by the same handful of people (or is it just one???) who think so highly of themselves, but so little of others. And those silly little, non-representative lists will only be read by the handful that make them. WOW...THAT MUST BE REALLY GRATIFYING!!

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