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The new release from Heart unsurprisingly features vocalist Ann Wilson's still eminently powerful voice. The acoustic nature of the album may soften the music a bit but it doesn't tame the leather lungs of Ann in the slightest.

That said, I found myself kind of disappointed in this release. I'm a huge fan of Heart but for some reason I just didn't connect with most of this album. For me, it felt like some of the passion was missing.

The songs ranged from the okay to the good but the chorus of "Queen City" annoyed the hell out of me.

I did like the heavier sound of "WTF".

And while there wasn't a BAD song per se, the only songs I would say were standouts were "Safronia's Mark" and "Sand".

I like acoustic music. I love Heart. But this album felt a pedestrian by the numbers release for the most part.



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I'm with you on is not a bad album, but is a bit of a disappointment, especially after "Jupiters Darling". However, I do kind of like this album, it's kind of grows on me with each listen. Good pick with "Sand" that's the one song that grabbed me on first listen.
Good review...But I can't get into this at all.  I do plan on giving it another chance after the first of the year.
You nailed this one Tage!  Dissapointing to say the least, but when you say you say the songs werent bad you just couldnt connect with them, thats the same issue I have.

Thanks for the feedback guys.




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