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I’ve got an idea!” Read that in your best Captain Kirks voice and then we can get started…

I’m going to spend the next few weeks exploring the state of Classic Rock bands and the future of our favorite music from my perspective. I have been keeping some side notes about newly released music and it struck me that we still have a strong pool or Classic Rock artists who record and tour on a regular basis. I’m not talking about touring bands only, that’s a bigger pool, but those who still gift us with new Classic Rock music! I want to diversify this playlist a bit so you’ll get a nice heavy and melodic mix. Let’s kick this off with a look at some of bands who we might consider as the last of a dying breed….




1 - Twist of Fate

Accept released their fourteenth studio album Blind Rage on July 18, 2014 and on their world tour, they are playing in Australia for the very first time. Blind Rage became Accept's first album to debut at number one on the charts in their home country. On December 28, 2014, guitarist Herman Frank announced that he has left Accept again. Later that day, Accept announced that drummer Stefan Schwarzmann also left the band. On April 12, Accept announced new guitarist and drummer, respectively Uwe Lulis and Christopher Williams. On June 5, 2015, prior to the band's performance at the South Park festival in Tampere, Finland, bassist Peter Baltes told Kaaos TV that Accept planned to begin work on a new album after the conclusion of the Blind Rage tour. Hoffmann stated that the new album will be released around July or August 2017.

Judas Priest
Redeemer of Souls [Deluxe Edition]

2 - Snakebite

Redeemer of Souls was released on 8 July 2014. It sold around 32,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 6 on The Billboard 200 chart, the band's highest charting position in the US after the double-disc concept album, Nostradamus, debuted at No. 11. This was the band's first top 10 album in the US. The band went on tour in support of the album which ran from 1 October 2014 until 17 December 2015. The Redeemer of Souls Tour led to the sixth live album, 'Battle Cry' released on 25 March 2016 after being recorded at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany on 1 August 2015. In a November 2015 interview with, Richie Faulkner said that the band would start work on a new album in 2016. In April 2016, Loudwire posted a photo showing Halford, Tipton and Faulkner in the studio beginning the process of the album. In an October interview with Mitch Gallagher of Sweetwater Sound, Faulkner stated that the band would begin recording in January 2017 and also said that they would not go on tour until 2018

Pat Travers
Retro Rocket

3 - Searching For A Clue

Travers has not been able to regain the level of commercial success he once had, despite a very large and loyal fan base who call themselves "Hammer Heads". He tours regularly in the U.S. and has made several trips to Europe in the last decade as well. In 2001 he was part of the "Voices of Classic Rock" tour, and had a minor hit with Leslie West from the band Mountain called "Rock Forever". In 2004 he started a project with the veteran drummer Carmine Appice and started touring the U.S.A.; as of now there are 3 albums released. Travers recorded cover tunes from bands such as Led Zeppelin, Montrose, Queen, and Trapeze under the album name P.T. Power Trio 2, and they toured Europe in November 2006. The Pat Travers Band put out the album "Fidelis" in late 2009. In July 2013, The Pat Travers Band put out new album "CAN DO" released by Frontiers Records, a major label based in Italy for numerous artists in the field of classic rock. The CAN DO album was supported by PTB tours of the U.S., the U.K., and Europe during the later half of 2013. In January 2015, Frontiers Records released Pat Travers Band Live at the Iridium NYC, recorded in February 2012, featuring Jon Paris playing blues harp on "If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day" and "Spoonful".


4 - 21st Century Blues

Toto released their fourteenth studio album and their first in nine years titled Toto XIV in March 2015. To promote the newly finished project, the band started a world tour running with an extensive European headline arena tour including appearances at key festivals, along with a North American tour to follow in the summer of 2015 and Asia later that year. Toto are currently in the studio remastering their 11 Sony studio albums. Steve Lukather: "It is all from the ORIGINAL album mixes but Re-shaped EQ wise but NO compression added at all!!! We are hearing subtle parts that were buried in the old mixes on the early albums. Remember we had to mix for Vinyl back then and there were sonic rules we HAD to deal with that were a drag. many treats/surprises will be in there as well, some great liner notes on all 11 SONY albums and photos and personal stuff... and it is like we re-mixed the early stuff, the first 3 albums, but we didn't! It's SO clear and hi fi! This was an amazing experience. NO compression was added!!! It has inspired us to write the NEW music we start on January 9th till March. Many surprises and 'treats' will be included. Out 2018 but we will tour 2017 as well. Some festivals in Europe and then the USA. A surprise is coming there as well. It is all working us up to the 40th anniversary in 2018. 2 year world tour to follow.”

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This is a very cool topic.  I think we here at CRB have been on the very forefront of new music by classic rock artists.  We discuss it often and we even try to stimulate others into purchasing some of this music.  I'm not sure how much good it does, but we do try.  I'm interested in seeing more on this subject.

As for what you've included, I'm three out of four.  The only one that does nothing for me is Travers.  I was never really a fan to start with, and I don't think this release will change it.  I don't own that Accept album, but I dig the track.  I did buy the one that preceded it.  I have the Judas Priest album, and I have gained a new respect for them over the last year or two.  The Toto album is fantastic, start to finish.

Good job.  I'd love to see some stuff featured here from recent albums by Paul Simon, Eric Clapton and such.  I don't think either of those were featured in NMC, so I'm guessing we won't, unless Scott decides to go with Youtube occasionally.  Just sayin'.

Theres a few new ones Ive been curious about that I dont own, the new Clapton among them.  Ive tried to get into the Paul Simon but I can't so that ones on the shelf for me.  And Ive still yet to hear anything from Segers newest one ..

I liked this topic as well, Im gonna spin it a bit in the next couple of weeks...

Typical Scott.

I have an idea and then a few days later he suddenly has an idea. Anyone else see a trend here?

Yeah, I have all these, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. But what most interests me is NOT Scott's "idea" but this talk about Toto remasters. I'm happy with the Culture Factory editions, but hope that The Seventh One and (especially) Kingdom Of Desire are part of this. Maybe even Tambu. Is it going to be a boxset, single CD releases or both? This is the news I'm a-wantin' yet Mr. Scott's "idea" doesn't cover this even though it's extremely pertinent info I need to know!!!

My staff is on alert for additional info on the Toto remasters... I'm sure we'll be the first to break it when it comes out


I have a staff and you just had to get yourself a staff?




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