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Welcome to 2017! Here’s hoping the new year is the best one yet… But … with all the resolutioning going on, maybe we should be careful what we ask for! Money is a common resolution, mo’ and mo’ of it! Maybe this playlist is more of a reflection on the way these types of things work out for me… Here’s hoping yours go better!

Enjoy! It's free afterall...


Monty Python
Monty Python Sings

1 - Money Song

Monty Python Sings is a 1989 album of comedy songs written by the Monty Python team. It compiles popular tracks from their previous albums and films, as well as some new tracks. The album was released in memory of Graham Chapman, who had died the year earlier that year. In June 2014, the album was re-released as Monty Python Sings (Again) on CD and as a digital download, expanded with six additional recordings – three previously unreleased archive recordings and three new recordings from Eric Idle. A deluxe edition in both formats also includes the 1970 Monty Python's Flying Circus album.

Chicago XIV

2 - I'd Rather Be Rich

Despite containing a few hidden gems, Chicago's 14th long player went primarily unnoticed when first released in the summer of 1980. In retrospect, it seems that the band had not yet recovered from the tragic loss of Terry Kath (guitar) less than two years earlier. The vast majority of the album's material came from either the Peter Cetera (bass/vocals) or Robert Lamm (keyboards/vocals) camps. While the pair had long been considered Chicago's strongest respective songwriters, Cetera in particular was emerging with a definitive and soulful delivery especially notable on "Song for You" and "Overnight Café." A decidedly more successful outing from Cetera, Lamm, and Danny Seraphine (drums) is "Thunder and Lightning" -- which is highlighted by some jazzy chord changes reminiscent of Steely Dan's "Fez" or "Josie."

The Who
Face Dances

3 - Did You Steal My Money

Without Keith Moon, the Who may have lacked the restless firepower that distinguished their earlier albums, but Face Dances had some of Pete Townshend's best, most incisive compositions since Quadrophenia. "Don't Let Go the Coat" was one of his better odes to Meher Baba, "You Better You Bet" was a driving rocker, as was the rueful "Cache Cache," while "How Can You Do It Alone" was a solid ballad.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

4 - Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round To Be A Millionaire)

As glorious as the title track was, the entire album served as a call to arms from a group that wanted nothing more than to celebrate the dirtiest, nastiest instincts humans could have, right down to the insurgent anti-authority vibe that runs throughout the record. Take "Big Balls" -- sure, it's a dirty joke, but it's a dirty joke with class overthrow in mind. There's a sense on Dirty Deeds that AC/DC is storming the gates -- they're problem children sick of waiting around to be a millionaire, so they're gonna make their own money, even if they take down others as they go. That's what gives Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap its supercharged, nervy pulse; there's a real sense of danger to this record, something that can't be hidden beneath the jokes. Maybe that's why the album wasn't released in the U.S. until 1981, after Bon's death, after AC/DC had become millionaires -- if it arrived any earlier, it would have been too insurrectionist for the common good.

Little River Band
After Hours

5 - Broke Again

In Australia, After Hours was the second album from the Australian rock band Little River Band. Lead singer Glenn Shorrock names this Australian version of the album as his favorite album by the band. However, it was not released internationally until decades later. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, the band's record company contract at the time did not cover international releases. Secondly, at the time of its release in Australia, the band's first album, Little River Band, had not yet become a hit in the US. When the first album entered the US charts, following the delayed success of single "It's a Long Way There", any potential US release of After Hours was delayed. In the meantime, the band recorded their third album, Diamantina Cocktail. However, Capitol Records in the US deemed that album to be not commercial enough. In response, Capitol selected five tracks from the Australian After Hours plus four tracks from the Australian version of Diamantina Cocktail and released this compilation in the US under the name Diamantina Cocktail.

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I have that Monty Python-cd...somewhere. I bought it in 1990, as far as I recall. "Sit on my face" is a classic!! "Galaxy song" have actually quite a good melody. I think it was Eric Idle, who also wrote "Allways Look on the bright side of life", who was the mainwriter of the songs, but they were all great talents, also in music. I always enjoy them, whenever they are on TV, even though I've got all the shows on DVD...somewhere.


Well, this was fun. At least you didn't include that Billy Idol remake of that song that's not spelled wright but the drunkards at the bar don't mind, they like to add their own words because it's so cool!

I really like that Who album. When I first had it way back then, I didn't like it at all. But it has grown on me a lot since and I listen to it quit a bit.

Whose fingerprint is that? It's not meine. I checked.

I've already told my story about that AC/DC album so I won't tell it again. Well, unless you beg me. Then I still won't tell it. Not in the mude.

I don't know if I have that LRB album, but I could check. I could check, but I won't because I'm wondering if I made any speling errors in this post. 

See how this all came back to Bily Idol? Didn't think I would do THAT, did you?

I would not have ever included that Billy Idol cover of that Tommy Jame song, not gunna doit

Why do you hate Billy so much? Is it the sneer?

not at all, like Billy quite bit actually, I'm just a bit of a purist...

Never really got into Monty Python.  Not because it's not funny, but I can rarely understand British comedy.  

Chicago is one of those bands I need to pick up material from.  Maybe this will be the year.

I don't have Face Dances, and this is the first time I've heard that Who song, but I do find it to be pretty good.  That might also be an album I need to pick up.

I do own the AC/DC album.  I'll say it again, I hear multiple people loving AC/DC, then saying other artists sound the same song after song.  C'mon now, this song has the same exact sound as It's A Long Way To The Top...   and probably several other AC/DC songs as well.  That being said, it's a cool song.

Can't say I recall hearing the Little River Band song either.  Those guys harmonize so well, and this song is no exception.  And it has a cool sax solo.  Yep, this band was way cool.

Nice post Scott, welcome back.  I can't really think of anything but songs that wouldn't be considered hidden treasures, like Pink Floyd's Money, Steve Miller Band's Take The Money and Run and Billy Joel's Easy Money.

I leave the obvious choices to you guys!

You could have played "The Moneygoround". Now is that "obvious? Hmmmmmm?????

Ive not crossed over into Kinks-fandom yet

The Kinks are on my list...

I haven't ran into anything I liked yet, even with all of Mike Pell and Jon's posts, I got nothin'


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