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It's been too long since we've visited the Great White North and so thats where we find ourselves this week. I've pulled together some great tunes from some great Canadian bands that I think you will enjoy.

I've stated before that the music coming out of BC in the mid to late 70's has been some of the biggest influences on my musical taste and that still holds true since these bands get a lot of play time around here, even to this day. I tried to avoid Canadian trios this time as well, simply to avoid the obvious selections, this is Hidden Treasures afterall...

Enjoy eh!!


Breakdown In Paradise

1 - 148 Heavy

Breakdown in Paradise is the eighth album by the Canadian rock band Chilliwack, released in 1979. The album was originally intended to be called Road to Paradise, but the death of Mushroom Records head Shelly Siegel in January 1979 made the collapse of the label, which had released each of Chilliwack's last three albums, all but certain. In addition, after the last album three of the longstanding band members left the group, leaving only Bill Henderson and Brian MacLeod from the prior lineup. Throughout recording, the band was tinkering with its lineup, and only bass player Ab Bryant continued to appear with the group after Mushroom's collapse. Because of the label's financial problems, there were no real hits from the album.

Line of Fire

2 - Just One More Time

Their second release was "Line of Fire" which included the hits " Just One More Time" and Feel It (Feel my Body) and another multi-platinum success. They tour Europe with the band White Snake at the beginning of 1984. Mills received much attention and won accolades with fans polls voting her best singer. In 1985 the Headpins toured with many acts such as Kiss, Eddie Money and the band ZZ Top. The band was in middle of recording their third album " Head over Heels", when their record company went bankrupt. They were part of the Afterburner Tour, with ZZ Top, and were slated to go down the eastern seaboard (of the US) with the band. ZZ Top didn't like the attention that the opening act was getting, and the Headpins were told not to do an encore number. As it turns out, Brian McLoud the band leader decided not to listen; and the Headpins were removed from the bill.

Red Rider
As Far As Siam

3 - Only Game In Town

The reviews on this one are mixed and most only mention the song Lunatic Fringe. I admittedly purchased this because of that song, but was surprised at how good the album was and still is. Though I prefer their follow-up, Neruda, to this one, I do think its an essential album to own for any Canadian rock fans.

Bachman Turner Overdrive
Head On

4 - Away From Home

This is near the end of the Bachman-Turner Overdrive story, one of the group's last albums to feature Randy Bachman. Bachman's dominance of the group is apparent -- his face alone fills the front cover, he produced the record, and he wrote or co-wrote five of the nine songs. His unhappiness is apparent, too: listen to him sing, "I feel there's no use in hanging around" on the lead-off track, "Find Out About Love," and plead, "I'm an average man, but my name is in lights" in "Average Man." By the time you get to the cocktail jazz ballad "Lookin' Out For #1" (BTO's sole entry on the easy listening chart), you can tell he's not including the group. By the time of BTO's next album, Bachman was gone, and their hit-making days were behind them.

Bryan Adams
Room Service

5 - East Side Story

Room Service was a commercial success, peaking at number one in Germany and Switzerland, despite mixed reviews from critics. The album charted in the top ten in seven other territories; its least successful charting area was France, where the album peaked at number two-hundred. Room Service entered the charts in more than 15 countries. The album didn't fare as well in the United States, where it was released by Adams without a record company, but internationally the album sold 3 million copies.

Five songs were released from the album in various forms and at various times: "Open Road", "Flying", "Room Service", "This Side of Paradise" and "Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love?, of which the three firsts were released as physical singles internationally and the two later being a radio-airplay singles. The album's first single charted within the top twenty on the Canadian Singles Chart, the second within the top forties in Canada and the top hundred in Europe; "Room Service" was less commercially successful.

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The Headpins!! I grew up in a small city in Utah of about 8000 people. I was 9 years old in 1983. Somehow I got my hands on the Headpins cassette at our local music store, The Mad Platter. I have vivid memories of rocking out to the Headpins in my Grandmothers basement. I've loved them ever since. This is a great hidden gem!!!! 

Lance, I grew up in South East Idaho, what town in Utah did you grow up in?

Further down south towards the eastern side of Utah in Price. Did you go to concerts mostly in Boise or Salt Lake City? 

I know Price very well, traveled though tons of times!  I was raised in Pocatello...

Attended many concerts in the old Salt Palace back in the day.  Never made it into Boise for concerts though.

It's a small world!!! I loved the Salt Palace. I remember seeing KISS there on the Asylum tour when they blew the power out, and the show ended early. My group went back across the street to the Marriott where we were staying. The elevator door opened and there was Eric Carr. He totally freaked out at 6 dudes in KISS t-shirts, and hurried to get the door to close. We were all so stunned that none of us grabbed the door to talk to him. I still regret not just jumping in the elevator, but it all happened so fast. 

I cant beat that story!  That's cool...

I know, how you feel. I also regret, not saying anything to, or trying to shake Ace Frehley's hand, when he walked just past me and my buddy at a KISS-covention in Copenhagen in 1995. He was pretty stoned, so I might not had get a reaction, if I'd tried.

Well it's, eight o'clock in Boise.....Idaho!

Not Canadian!!

I had that Red Rider album on cassette, listened to it once and never listened to it again. I wanted all the songs to be "Lunatic Fringe" and they weren't.

I have the Headpins album. I like it.

That Chilliwack album is ok. I like two other albums by them, don't know if I would like this one since I never got it.

Never got that Bryan Adams album. Still probably won't. It didn't fare well in the States because i didn't buy it.

Now comes the gem of this post, the BTO song. This is really good. I like it and wonder if I have it. Do I? I should look, but this is the best Canadian song ever in the history of everness.

There's a lot of BTO hidden treasures out there...

Chilliwack - Awesome song!  Love the vocals.

The Headpins - No familiarity at all here for me.  I like it though.  The vocal delivery is a bit weird, sort of frantic.  Cool guitar lead too.

Red Rider - Can't say I've ever heard more than one track by this band.  Sounds like a Billy Joel tune to me.

BTO - Much more familiar with this band, but not this particular song. Killer guitar solo.  Love this song.

Bryan Adams - I definitely like some of his work, but this song does nothing for me.

Short comments, I know, but hey, that's the kinda mood I was in earlier when I jotted them down.  I will rank the songs though:

1. BTO

2. Chilliwack

3. The Headpins

4. Red Rider

5. Bryan Adams

And also, the only one of these five that I own is the BTO vinyl.  I picked it up for a buck a couple of years ago but haven't listened to it yet.


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