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The biggest concert venue in New York City has thrown its weight behind New York City biggest cause.

Madison Square Garden will host 12-12-12, a benefit concert for hurricane relief, on Dec. 12. No artists have been announced for the show yet, but promoters are promising to release the lineup soon.

12-12-12: A Concert for Sandy Relief is being organized by the same team that put together the Concert for New York City, the Oct. 20, 2001 charity show held in response to the 9/11 attacks. It is reasonable to assume that 12-12-12 will be a similarly star-driven event. The Concert for New York City drew many established names to the Garden, including the Who, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Jay-Z, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and Destiny's Child. Notably (and probably not coincidentally) both the Who and the Rolling Stones have concerts in the New York metropolitan area that week.

Tickets for the show — which are not available yet — will be sold to create a pool of money that will be administered by the Robin Hood Relief Fund, the active arm of the Robin Hood Foundation. Formed in 1988 by a team of corporate executives drawn mostly from the financial services industry, the Robin Hood Foundation has contributed to hundreds of New York City nonprofits over the past three decades. The foundation's Relief Fund was established in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and has once again become active in the wake of the storm. The Fund promises that 100 per cent of the money raised by the concert will go directly to hurricane relief.


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It's official The Rolling Stones have been officially added

OK, I dvdr'd this and watched the first 15 min or so and it was Bruce. Can someone tell me WHY HE STILL FISTS HIS GEETAR! And does he play only one chord?

My wife DVR'ed it as well. I have not watched it yet though. My wife digs Springsteen so I won't tell here you said that Jon. ** insert smiley**

And I'm a Jersey boy!

Just wait til you get to see Kanye West.

I'm up to the Stones and they sound pretty darn good for being 90. I'm impressed. Roger Waters was fantastic as well. And yes, I skipped right over Bon Jovi!

I saw two Stones songs. They were ok. I still admire Jagger and his energy. But sorry, Stones fans, I just dont think that much of Keith Richards or Ron Wood's guitar playing.

I couldn't handle Kayne West, so I muted the sound and played guitar myself while he was performing.

I thought Alica Keys was pretty darn good. I'm not a fan, but I was impressed.

Paul McCartney's set was the one I anticipated the most. I loved his choice of the first two songs...Helter Skelter and Let Me Roll It. I also loved the inclusion of "I've Got A Feeling". But I was somewhat disappointed at some of the song choices played.

Also, did anyone else here or see a screw up or mess up? I swear it sounded like someone hit a bad chord or two during the performance. And at one point, it looked like to me that McCartney was upset about something.

Having said that, he has a great, great band. If you are a McCartney/Beatles/Wings fan, you should do yourself a favor and pick up the DVD "In Red Square". It contains the whole show played in Moscow at the Red Square, and it also has a bonus of the concert he played in St. Petersburg, Russia. It's a phenomenal DVD, with a fantastic set list, and you can tell the Russian people love McCartney and the Beatles.

Lastly, though, I enjoyed The Who's set more than anyone else. I've never seen them live, and I enjoyed it greatly. I thought they did a great job of the songs they selected to play.

I thought the last song the Who played was really cool.

I seen Baba O'Riley and Love, Reign On Me.  That's it..  but they were awesome as usual...

I agree.  I didn't mean for it to sound like I didn't like the rest of the show.  I just enjoyed the feel of the last song and how Daltry intentionally walked over to Townshend at the end and put his arm around him.  Very cool.

Who is Clint and why was Kanye signing about him/it?

Oh, and nice skirt.

I'm just guessing that the concert ran longer than 5:08, which sucks since I missed everything after Jamie Foxx.


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