Classic Rock Bottom

Is there anyone here biting on this one?

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No, because the album sucks and they didn't have a super-duper deeeeeeluxe version released of their best album.

They can go to hell.


But they might make one, Mr. negativity.

Not a 30th anniversary Mr. Poopypants.

35th, which is 5 better.

High N Dry needs this treatment!!!!!  So does Pyromania and On Through The Night.  Then I don't care...  But I did buy the 3 CD edition of this... a) because its cheaper, and b) because Ive never repurchased Hysteria on CD so all I have is a old vinyl copy.  The sound is incredible even if many, or should I say most, of the tracks are overplayed!!

Guess I waited too late.  It was $72 last night.  Went on Amazon just now to order it and it was $112.49.

Go for the 3 CD edition

I have the 2006 2 Disc Deluxe Edition.

All this edition has on mine is more Live recordings and Radio Edits.

No thanks. I'm set.

It dropped back to 78.99 again, so I bought it.  Only paid 15 and change for it though.

How the hell did you do that?

Applied for a charge card, got a 70 dollar gift card.



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