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So ok, been mulling this over for a few days. Do I really, really, want to open myself up to this kind of crushing, deflating, demoralizing, scathing criticism from you bunch of opinionated critics?

WTF.... you only live once, die once, and might as well go out and submit to the bombast.

So, I'm asking you guys for 10 1/2 minutes of your time. That's right...10 1/2 minutes...not 10...not 11...10 and a half. Please go to my bands website,, and listen to our 3 demo songs posted. And then fire away with your bombs of

"Give it up man, you sux"....or "get a different hobby knucklehead"..."take up bowling or badminton"..."your best song is the worst one I've ever heard"....whatever. gentle...if you can...I'm fragile and I bruise easily...

Keep in mind....self taught guitar player who quit playing for 20 years after he started a family, never took lessons, and dont know jack about music from a technical or theory standpoint...that'd be me.

Self taught drummer who has less confidence than I do, and that's scary as hell...

A young bass player who thinks he's bad to the bone, because he brags "I'm in 3 bands right now"...but yet, he ain't really dedicated to any of them. He'd rather brag how many bands he's in...

A singer who has never, ever...EVER...been in a band before...

And that would be a quick description of my hobby, my bandmates, and if I could still play sports, I probably would not have ever started playing guitar again. And we are a strange "conglomeration"....2 guys in their 50's, 2 guys in their 20's....and we all met through ads looking for other players.

Please listen, and then come see us on tour... least my humor is intact..

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Gordon, can I share this on our FB page?

Sure. You mean the CRB Facebook page, right? Go for it. Might as well get bashed AND hammered...

Yep, that's it.  I'm gonna listen first, in just a bit hopefully.  Then I'll share it.

Alright, I gave this a listen.  First, to me, this is how I would order the songs, with one being my favorite to three being my least favorite:

1. Set Me Free

2. Woman

3. Swamp Man

I dig the riff on Set Me Free.  The geetaring is nice, and I like the vocalist.  I don't think he's perfect, but I think he definitely has potential (for comparison, I thought Steven Tyler got much better after Aerosmith's first album, with the exception of Dream On...he was fantastic on that).  But that's just an opinion.

Woman was in the okay range.  Again the vocalist gave me the impression that he's got very good potential.

Swamp Man was the weakest track IMO.  It may have been the recording quality.  It sounded totally different to me than the other two tracks.

I also heard nothing wrong with the bass playing or drumming.  It's amazing to me how folks can put together a song from scratch.  And that's an important part of being a rock band.  Continue to work on your songs.  I can see Jeff Langston helping you punch out a demo right now.  

And Gordon, thanks for sharing this.  It takes a lot of nerve, especially to do so with people like Jon.  He has a difficult time being nice and offering encouragement.

I'll listen on five conditions:

1. I get listed on every album you guys release and given a shout-out at every concert.

2. I am president of the fan club

3. I get full access to any of your concerts, anywhere.

4. I introduce the band at each of these concerts, but only when I feel like it.

5. During all interviews, at least one of your answers must start with "If it wasn't for Jon...."

That is one of your best replies ever.  I wish I had thought of that.

I, unlike Jon, listened without any conditions whatsoever. I agree with Jeff, the order I'd set them is exactly the same as he put them.....Set Me Free, then Woman, then Swamp Man. The guitar is pretty rippin' throughout. Your singer is pretty good for never being in a band prior to yours. Seems like in places the backbeat has gaps in it, don't know if that's intentional or not....but he's keeping time great, not speeding up or slowing down. He's definitely better than some drummers that I've heard before. Didn't really pay much attention to the bass on the first listen through the songs, but I didn't hear anything that sounded horribly out of place. All in all I think it's a solid effort! It's not the easiest thing in the world to come up with original tunes....been there, done that, not easy at all! Keep on going with it, guys.....if you're having fun doing it, everything will fall into place eventually as long as everyone's commitment level is about the same. Have fun & keep rockin'!!

Hey thanks, Matt. I appreciate the kind comments and encouragement. I HAVE to have something to do with my free time. T.V. blows chunks!!

The drummer can be a little repetitive at times, but I am too. He definitely is solid on his time keeping, though. Our original drummer, who is a great friend of mine, would just get so pumped up when we played that he would be going a gazillon miles an hour.

We hope to have an 8 song CD completed soon (self done, of course). We even tried sticking the singer in the freaking bathroom, to see if that helped make the sound any different/better. It was pretty funny. Of all the times we recorded, I played the best when I just said to myself, "ok, everytime I think I'm gonna make a mistake, I do" I bought some beer to the next practice, kept drinking, put on a mighty fine buzz, and that day was the day almost all the guitar was done! Another excuse to like beer!

If it wasn't for Jon....I'd have more money, dammit! Because he (and RJHog) keep posting this music I just HAVE TO BUY!!

But thanks for listening. It's a fun hobby...but I think of it as only a hobby. Kind of like playing in adult sports leagues. I WONT be quitting my day job!!

We recorded them at the bass player's place, and it is all live, except for the vocals and a few added guitar parts. So whatever mistakes were made, they remain.

I actually like Swamp Man the best, as far as the recording goes. On this song, I added a second layer of guitar here and there, and of course, that was the first (and only) time I've ever got to do that. It was fun.

Hey RJHog, use your contacts in Augusta to get us a gig, and we'll drive down there and annoy everyone. For free....

Hey, if I write a song about Jon being the way he is, and get you a melody and a riff, do you think StoneFist could record it?  

I'll start it for you:

Jon is cool
He's no fool

He's got tv repair tools, yeah!
He's got tv repair tools, yeah!
He's got tv repair tools, yeah!
He's got tv repair tools, yeah!

Jon is cool
He makes women drool

He's got tv repair tools, yeah!
He's got tv repair tools, yeah!
He's got tv repair tools, yeah!
He's got tv repair tools, yeah!

Got me laughing guys! Great lyrics, Jon! We should have used the "Jon is cool, he makes women drool" on Woman!

I wrote the lyrics to Set Me Free about my ex-wife!!!

You're certified as insane....   (but damnit if this line ain't on a killer song by S.U.N.) I'll probably get sued...


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